Whether it’s the studio or the stove this uniquely blended Reggae artist Young Dread is always cooking with fire, and serving up something hot & fresh for fans. Micah Hue Penny, professionally known as Young Dread, an Atlanta resident and Pawleys Island native (east of Chucktown, SC where over 70% of all slaves were brought into the US auctioned and sold) from Dreher High School to Fisk University he found music and philanthropy on his way to starting the Hue Foundation. And, we’re here to find out the reason.

What do you believe is significant about your music to fans?

My voice. The way I get into the music as if my voice was an instrument.

What separates you from other artists, what makes you unique?

I don’t follow the main stream type of scene. I don’t fear to be creative and different from what people might expect.

Tell us about your current project.

I’m going to do more international touring and dropping LP before the end of the 2014, so stay up to date with me to catch it.

What’s the next thing coming from you either with these projects or the next?

Doing CANCERTS…not concerts…through Hue Foundation, a nonprofit organization, that was established to aid in ending world poverty by empowering at-risk youth. Through the use of multimedia, the foundation serves as a gateway to connect U.S. and international communities, exposing them to world culture. The result is a life changing experience for all populations involved.

 Our unique form of contribution and collaboration is called “CAN-CERTS” (word play on concerts), in which attendees bring non-perishable food items as payment for admission.

All of the collected food is then donated to established food banks. In addition, as part of this program, young residents of women’s shelters receive nutrition counseling from trained volunteers, experienced models, and/or mentors.

Interactive programs have been implemented such as dance, literature, media arts, music, theatre, performance art, visual arts, multidisciplinary work, and arts criticism are utilized as a medium to work with at-risk youth. Various recording artists have committed up to 100% of their 2014 earnings as a way to fund Hue Foundation’s campaign, operations, communities, and underserved individuals.

Visit our website today www.huefoundation.org, and learn how to get involved. Possible contributions include business sponsorship, Wish List Program, Gift of Hope, internships, and employment. Contact us today at info@huefoundation.org, and help us improve the world.

What other musical talents do you have?

I play over 8 instruments. I used to be in band and even went to band camp as a young teen. So, pretty much just put an instrument in front of me and I’ll create lol.

Outside of music what do you do as far as hobbies or interests?

I’d have to go with cooking. I have a 17 recipe cookbook that will be on released on Amazon, look out for that if you want be a connoisseur in the kitchen.

What is your famous recipe?

I’d have to say my Rasta Pasta. It’s red, yellow, green organic noodle shells mixed with grilled tofu and an assortment of fresh grilled veggies. I know it sounds simple, but the secret to how I flavor is what makes it special so get the book for some good eating!

Tell us more about the Hue Foundation.

Hue Foundation has since its inception created awareness among people towards causes that need immediate attention. While creating awareness, the organization has also linked people and helped them use each other’s resources to bring about the desired change. It is one name that is destined to give women in particular the reason to be an inspiration in their respective communities. To know more about the supported charities and the sponsorship programs, log onto www.huefoundation.org.

Who are some notables you’ve worked with?

Grammy Nominated Producer K.P.,  Angelina, and Dior of Trackwriterz.

 Who has influenced you positively in your career?

Trackwriterz definitely have been positive influences. They were the first studio to take me under their wing when I moved to ATL in late 2008. They provided me with a place where I could work on my craft. I was able to create a higher level of identity with them. I’m forever grateful for that.

Who are 5 artists you believe would be most complimentary in a collaboration with you? Why?

Angelina, Dior, Eek A Mouse, Ludacris, and I don’t really know who else guess everyone will have to wait for the LP to see lol.

 Why do you think music, better yet the quality of music is so important in the industry right now? As well as to our youth?

I feel it is the gateway to the soul. It helps mold us. For people like me that grew up with no Dad, music was like the foundation for my thought process. I heard more from Master P in a night compared to from my Dad in my entire life. So, as musicians we just never know who we might be touching, helping through a rough time in their life, or shaping their thoughts.

What advice do you have for up & coming artists that maybe haven’t even started their first song yet?

Get your business right. Register with SOCAN, ASCAP, BMI, and SoundExchange. BUSINESS FIRST!

 Why does your music matter to you?

I mean, personally it has kept me out of trouble. Nothing else allows me to channel my energy in such a positive way, even if it was negative energy, and it’s a great way to redirect or stop negative energy.

 Anything else you want people to know?

Nothing except thanks for the support, I appreciate the time, and thank you Ty.

ALL MPS can be STREAMED FULL LENGTH and you can download ANY YOUNG DREAD MP3 on the page for no cost: http://www.worksessions.com/MurderusSoundz


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