If you work hard, work or hell even exist in this life you deserve some time to unwin(e)d. Like most legally able adults what better way than cozied up at with dinner, Netflix and a glass of wine. I feel relaxed just thinking about and even more so doing it. Which was the case most recently when my Unwin(e)d Night was sponsored by the great folks over at KOVOT. However, there was quite the pleasant twist aside from getting an awesome 5-piece Wine Kit, containing what I required and then some to open up and adult beverage I desired,  I received their extra special, extra large Wine Glass. When I say extra large I’m not just talking about those rinky dink 2-in-1 glasses, I mean a behemoth of a bottle beaker that holds more than 750 mL of wine, literally a glass that will hold the standard sized bottle of wine with room to spare! This is definitely going to become my recommended Wine Night Survival Kit. (Click the text links to get a great deal on you own Wine Night Survival Kit)

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(l-r) 5-piece Wine Kit, XL Wine Glass


The Kovot 5-piece Wine Kit included a bottle opener, foilFullSizeRender (8) cutter, collar, pourer and corkscrew opener (and not mention on the front a stopper). Now with my exemplary experience of drinking lol. I used the corkscrew opener, foil cutter, pourer and stopper. I didn’t use the collar because although elegant I don’t drip a drop of my beverage and the pourer will make even the tipsiest of “bartender” a sure shot (especially with a glass the equivalent of the broad side of a barn catching every debauched drop lol), nor did I use the really wonderful bottle opener cause on this night I kept it truly classy with just wine (no beer bottles, next though different story).

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The Kovot XL Wine Glass almost requires no explanation, I mean it’s the Wine Glass of the Gods. It’s like most wine glasses — glass and shaped for your drinking pleasure except it holds about 800 mL of whatever liquid you put in there (wine recommended). If you’ve ever thought “Boy, I wish my wine would pour itself” this is about as close as I’ve come to having that magical experience feeling like I had a bottomless glass. The thing is you think the glass would become awkward to hold or heavy not at all it almost feels shall I say natural.


Enjoy dinner on my Unwin(e)d Night


Needless to say I enjoyed my Unwin(e)d Night and am making this awesome set a staple for it…Let me know what you’re doing to enhance your wine night?

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XL Glass next to an XL bottle of Wine