Why me…Why you? A powerful mind triggering statement that can cause “victim mode” mentality. It has the ability to take  you to your knees when someone hears or thinks of my or your hardships that we go through and have been through in our journey called, Life.

Once I came out of my cave of emotions, silence, deep thinking and isolation that place of inner silence, with just you. Thinking of loved ones lost, situations that caused or are currently creating pain…Oh, you know what I’m talking about. Yes, that place where you don’t want to be bothered or interrupted and just need alone time…a day, a few weeks. That place where it’s just you and you with you.

The Power of Positive thinking interestingly triggered me to turn my mental ship around after a breath of fresh air, dried tears and empowerment…Why Not You and Why Not Me?

The Gift of Life, all of its twist and turns, happy and not so happy times. Full of multiple experiences that can cause one to questions why…”Why Do I have to go through this?”

You know…when something is so @#$& up! I sense the answer to “Why?” is simply because “I Can Handle It” and you can handle whatever it is too. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes situations are right down awful. I get through them and so do you. I’m still standing, dusted off and moving forward. Moving, and going on to the next assignment and chapter in my life and so are you.

Thank You…comes to mind.  YES…Thank You, above to The Most High. For me, God, for you, it’s that powerful place that gives you strength and peace to go on…“I Give Thanks” for choosing me for my journey called, Life. Yes, I smile, I cry, I’m happy, I’m amazed, I learn and sometimes I just freak the @#$%& out!!!

In gratitude, I would not trade it. God chose us …selected us. We wouldn’t have been selected, if we couldn’t live it, handle it, do it and make it. It’s a choice. The choice is how I handle it and how you handle it.

Why Me…Why You? Depending on the view, depending on our choices and depending on our inner voices…the one that challenges us or the one that approves us. The Power of Positive Thinking…Yes, why not me and why not you? We can handle it, that’s why we got the assignment called Life…our own, we all have one. Our Journey. Embrace it. Own it. Value It. Be thankful for it.

Yes, Me and Yes, You.. Why Not?