Production for the third issue of Why Blue Matters’ digital magazine WBM/AUTR is underway! This is the most exciting publication for us to date, considering our recent restructuring of and the release of our agency website. In the past, we’ve released two issues on Fashion and Wellness, respectively, where we interviewed designers, illustrators, artists, and athletes, as well as nutrition and veganism experts. What does this third magazine mean for you?

The Music issue of WBM/AUTR will present new formats and thrilling music related goodness for you. We’ll be hooking you up with music videos, albums, tracks, interviews, biographies and reviews of many incredible artists. You may recognize some of the artists who will be participating, whereas some you will be hearing for the first time. We’re very excited to be connecting you with so much diverse music as we have planned for this upcoming edition.

If you are an artist, you may be excited to discover an opportunity to share your work, story and vision. We are currently accepting letters of inquiry for this edition. Please refer to the Contact page for relevant emails and instructions. We cannot guarantee that you will absolutely be published as a full feature within our publication, but we may be able to accommodate shorter alternatives within the magazine, or on this site!

Thanks for sticking around and keep it locked for news on our upcoming music magazine by connecting with us on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be updating with promotional posters and letting you know who we are featuring as we near our publication date!