Absoloot is a talented artist with the knowledge of a seasoned counselor, the intuition of a psychology professor and the talent of an expertly seasoned lyricist. Get ready for another ground-breaking production from the highly anticipated album entitled Banksters.

The video ‘Watch Your Words’, Produced by SE Entertainment, provides a visually stunning interpretation of Absolut’s lyrical brilliance.’ Watch your words’ is a song about the words people use and their insensitivity “…better be careful who you serve,” “they watching so watch your words…” a rapper that focuses his rhymes on being consistent is vital in getting your story across.

Absoloot is one artist that has a particular method to his rap. He has the rare skill of keeping on topic in his tracks, unlike other rappers who have one topic and several storylines heading to confusion and not really getting to the point of their story. Considered ‘one of the ‘illest lyricist’, and a perfect example of his skill is in his latest release called ‘Watch Your Words’. He really put his heart into this one.

The track gives examples of the different types of conversation that people have that could get them in trouble if they’re not selective with the words that they use. From business executives to your own household; there is a message that needs to be heard within the lyrical content of this track which reads more like a psychology lesson than a motto. A meaningful lesson on conduct and behavior, one that everyone should consider.

The track has a cool 9O’s vibe to it. The graphics on the video are exceptionally spectacular and original and are just as consistent as the lyrical content. If you serving your words just be careful who you serve you never know who you’re speaking too so watch what you say. There is a piano cover throughout the entire track the percussions are steady just as the lyrical flow. Although the track is a couple of years old, it has the makings of what is needed to be heard today.

Overall, the track is extremely fascinating and consistent. The wordplay is on point, It has spectacular quality and a truly meaningful message. The performance on the video is magnificent and the content is appropriate, it fits with the song. Watch out for more good music from Absoloot. He is one hell of a rapper, producer and an artist with motivation and a philosophy that is admirable.