As with any new music, it’s often difficult to discern without being overly judgemental about releases from unfamiliar artists. In most cases, you like what you like and that’s it, but in this instance we couldn’t be more excited to review “QALQULATED”, the latest from triple threat (singer – songwriter – producer) and master of Folk Glitch Hop Pop, Daniel J. W!shington.

The awesomeness that “QALQULATED” provides, isn’t your average project. Very unique with its sound, Daniel J., takes the senses for a ride and capture ears with an unassuming futuristic approach to folk music. It’s absolutely remarkable, and although only 3 tracks “QALQULATED” provides more than a substantial listen. Tackling the intricacies of what friendships and relationships have, each of the songs provide an interesting perspective that you can’t help but relate to.

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