Hey, Vampire Weekend fans! The new album is out and on fire. We love it so much! They have, hands down, been one of the most favored indie bands over the past few years, and they are getting stronger and stronger as a group with every new album that they release. They have fun pop hooks and tons of personality. They never really stay in their own element. You can always tell that they have a different musical influence behind every new album.

Watch the official lyric video for Vampire Weekend’s “Ya Hey”:

This new album, Modern Vampires of the City, has more of a pop, classical, and gospel feel to it. Most of the tracks are filled with lots of strings and pretty melodies. Don’t worry though, they do stick with their fast paced, loud, fun sound on certain songs like “Diane Young”, but for the most part a lot of their tracks are pretty romantic. We did hear that they wrote most of this album on Martha’s Vineyard–we guess that explains it.

These guys have the awesome ability to woo you with their lyrics and their boyish charm, making you kind of want to fall in love with them all over again. All you longtime fans out there will appreciate the level that Vampire Weekend has taken this album to. It’s very sensual and even dark sometimes, but still in a very beautiful way. They have really shown their softer side, and it’s not a bad side to see.

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