Social media can sometimes be a terrible thing, and it can sometimes be a terrific thing; in the case of Tynell Marcelline, I consider it a blessing. I never would have met the Trinidad and Tobago-born self taught artist Tynell Marcelline had it not been for the internet. He was one of the first members to join my artistic collective, KPMedia, and is one of the three that make up the company today. He is a highly skilled artist in so many ways, and I consider myself lucky to have met such a creative spirit and gifted soul.

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WBM: Who is Tynell Marcelline?

TYNELL: Tynell Marcelline is a self taught digital and traditional artist that combines various mediums to create visually stunning pieces of artwork.

WBM: Where were you born and raised?

TYNELL: Born: Trinidad and Tobago Raised: USA

WBM: What brought you to Atlanta, Georgia?

TYNELL: I’m a nomad so I like traveling, exploring and discovering, Atlanta, was one stop of many on my four year journey up and down the east coast. I moved back to Washington D.C., by the way.

WBM: Is Atlanta where you want to stay the rest of your life?

TYNELL: No, it’s not tropical or exotic enough, I’m more interested in the Caribbean or Australia.

WBM: Have you always wanted to be an artist?

TYNELL: Yes and no. I’ve been an artist since I was five years old so art was always in my life and I always wanted to do something art related, but I also have other interests as well.

WBM: What is your favorite medium to work with?

TYNELL: I’m a traditional and digital artist so I have a few. In the traditional sense of art I like Graphite, Indian Ink and Acrylic Paint; as for digital art I like Adobe Photoshop and Alchemy.

WBM: Are you a self taught artist or did you go to school and get formal training to get where you are?

TYNELL: I am a self taught artist, I did go to college but colleges try to make people into a specific product and I’m not a product, I’m an artist.

WBM: Who are some of your favorite artists?

TYNELL: H.R. Geiger, Alex Grey, Andrew Jones, Salvador Dali.

WBM: We see you are part of an art collective; is collaborating with other artists an area you want to move into?

TYNELL: I’m always open to collaborations, honestly I don’t think there is enough of it going on in the creative world.

WBM: The other two members of your collective are from New York, and you are from Georgia, would you ever consider making the move up to the big city if the collective took off?

TYNELL: I love art it’s what I am and what I do, I would leave anywhere at the drop of a dime if it helped to further my self as an artist.

WBM: Do you think collectives are the new big movement in the art world?

TYNELL: If they were I wouldn’t mind, but I have noticed there has been an increase in the amount of collectives out there.

WBM: Do you have any other passions outside of art?

TYNELL: I have many interests such as Science, Technology, Religion, Music, Photography, Nature/Life.

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Spectrographic Resonance by Tynell Marcelline

Spectrographic Resonance by Tynell Marcelline