Image of Ty by Elias Saunders

Cos you’re young
And you’re beautiful and you’re free

There are few ways to start the week on a more joyful note than with the latest music video from Vauxhall-based rapper Ty. Released through Tru Thoughts Records, this track is equal parts hypnotic kitsch and conscious sermon, punctuated by uplifting brass, the subtlest of celestial synth harmonies, and a comforting mumble of bass. Strip the music video away from the track and you’ll have a better chance of focusing less on the drooling yellow mutant and its snail companion, and more opportunity to hear the depth of Ty’s delivery.

The Dow Jones fluctuated don’t be a caged animal
Unravel the robe spread your wings and travel the globe
Release your fears get on the yellow brick road
We’re all victims of evil buried treasures are often deceitful
When you take away pedestals, only thing left is people


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