Two Chapels, a dynamic duo based out of New York City, is releasing their new album, Forgotten, this summer. Giving us a fresh feel of electric pop mixed with a downtempo sound, they fill their record with dark emotions and soothing melodies. They really have a unique vibe. We enjoyed this album based off the fact that we’ve never heard anything like it.

This album is very chill and laid back, with a very mystical vibe. The reverb creates an awesome sense of atmosphere along with the beats, which gives all of the songs a lot more depth. Plus the vocals top it all off so nicely. They have many layers in each song, that really mesh well together. Their songs and pulses will remind of you of 80s EBM.

If you’re looking to change the ambiance in your surroundings for a bit, download this album and press play. Their deep sub mixed with the bouncing vocals will surely relax you. Even if you don’t prefer this genre of music, there’s no denying that their mixdowns are great. We highly recommend this album for those of you who are looking for a more care free sound in your choice of music.

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