This is an opinion piece on a local business in Lynnwood, WA I had to share:

“I’m a single mother and an entrepreneur, so just imagine how hectic my life can get. Often times, while in search for a drop-in child care facility it’s hard to find one that suits.

Either there’s a ridiculous registration fee, the hours of operation does not suffice, or the staff/facility isn’t quite warm welcoming–whatever the case, it’s usually a daunting task to find a drop-in child care facility that I consider to be”excellent.”

While doing my research on daycare facilities in the greater Seattle area, I stumbled across Time4Kidz, a drop-in child care facility located in Lynnwood, WA. With their colorful yet playful facility and innovative website, Time4Kidz immediately sparked my attention.

As I connected with the childcare facility, I learned a bit about their philosophy of child care and how many of their values aligned with mine. With their creative environment that serves as a fun and educational place for children and with their welcoming staff and clean facility, I knew that Time4Kidz would be a perfect place for my 8-year-old daughter.

Additionally, the hours, rates and flexibility of Time4Kidz is awesome! It’s all a plus! Time4Kidz also has a 4,000 square foot play care center where guests can host special events, birthday parties, private parties and much more!

Thank you Time4Kidz! You’ve made being a busy entrepreneur and a single mother quite easy and (less) stress-free!”


-Jasmine RaeLynn, Entertainment Publicist, Jasmine RaeLynn The Elite Marketing