Tha Jewler a hip hop artist producer and writer from Portland, Oregon,  has been making music since 2005 and continues to rock the music scene with good music. With over 20 Recordings and video,  also shines and stands out as a very talented artist focused on making music and writing lyrics for many various recording artists in the Indie genre. Collaborating and producing music with many local and indie artist from Oregon, California and Indiana to name a few places.

Tha Jewler is presently working on a major album for Birdy Gunz through Tate Music Group. Moreover, an EP for Horizun that is set to drop on HPE, (High Performance Entertainment), the record label that he has been working with. With much more great music to come in 2015. Beat-making, producing, rapping and writing are the major acclamations that he is famed for, and is the reason his lyrics and written works are requested by artists in need if fabulous additions to their music. Furthermore, Tha Jewler has been known for producing various ranges of music and from time to time “steps from behind the music scene to perform”. Creating music and lyrics based on real life experiences. This enables him to focus on listeners that can relate with his interests, furthermore, enabling him to ultimately “enlighten and uplift ‘souls’  through music. ” Influenced by God family good music and life the jeweler is ready to make more hits make money enjoy sports and life in general all of these assist and contribute to the artist talent and skill magnifying his creativity.  ‘They Don’t Like Us’ is definitely a ‘…public announcement…’ to all the haters out there letting them know that even though they hatin’ it won’t stop the flow of those who stay focused and ‘backing up’ every word. “…time is money…” and haters will get none of that.

The video mainly identifies certain areas and specific locations in and around the streets of Portland, Oregon and show places that are common known as ‘inner-city’ areas, with the artist That Jeweler, Seriez and their dynamic crew grooving to the rhythm. A lot of digital special effects went into the production and carry the watcher and listeners into a world most fans can relate to. It speaks of these ‘haters’ wasting their time hating and not staying on their own grind. The track, ‘They Don’t Like Us’, starts with a steady no nonsense electronic tone that is played throughout the track. Followed by a steady keyboard cover with a wondrous New Age take on an electronic beat that has a slight ‘reggaeton’ feel and energetic melody to it. The percussions are focused on a dynamic driving rhythm.


The wordplay and lyrics are on point and go a long way long after the track is complete because it speaks the truth as most would see it. The listener cannot help but to sit back, bob their head and enjoy the groove. Moreover, the listener can either sing along with the hook and dance to the track or just ‘turn it up’ to let their haters hear. The rhythm keeps the groove going smooth. Oh!  Did I mention the hook! It’s catchy and real.

Overall, ‘They Don’t Like Us’ is Definitely an anthem to all those whom are aware of their haters and just keep-a-pushin’ look for more music by Tha Jewler in 2015.