When beauty and ballads come to together you think of greats such the late great Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, and even new age songstresses such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and the Queen B herself Beyonce. However it won’t be long before this refined diamond and YouTube sensation, Anisa, takes her place rightfully among these vocal vixens. Iranian royalty, but hailing from the United Kingdom it’s no surprise this Heiress makes melodies her subjects, rules them with feeling, grace & elegance. So  join us as we take an inside look at her highness, Anisa…

WBM: How old were you when you started getting involved in music?

For me, it all started when my Mum made me have piano lessons at the age of six. I hated it at first as it was all classical. But then one day I realized it meant I could play any of my favorite pop songs! I would spend hours singing and playing to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s greatest hits!

WBM: In your September 2014 single release “Ghost”, are there messages you’re trying to give? Do your songs typically have a message?

I write all my own songs, and they are always inspired by things that I have experienced. One of the most important things in life is our ability to adapt to CHANGE, from break-ups, to make-ups, ups and downs and watching people walk in and out of your life. Most of my songs touch on these changes we go through as normal human beings and how we deal with them. The song ‘Ghost’ is about letting someone go physically, and having them still haunt you spiritually.

WBM: How has social media impacted your career? Would you have have achieved as much without it?

At first I tried to fight the social media craze – I didn’t really want to document my whole life. But I caved in and created a twitter account & Facebook page etc, and slowly realized that it was the fastest way to get my music to people all around the world. It meant I could connect with other music lovers on a daily basis, and to get the feedback from them is such a huge motivation. The more you give, the more you get back, and where music is concerned, this exchange is so important!

WBM: Any loves, other than music? 

I love food!! I eat so much!! When I’m eating breakfast I think about lunch, when I eat lunch, I think about dinner! It’s the second most exciting thing in life, after music!

WBM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever given?

My best piece of advice is to trust your instinct. In whatever situation I’m in, the first thing I think of doing, saying, or writing, is usually the right thing!

WBM: What kind of music do you listen to today? 

For me its all about the voice. I could listen to certain artists sing the alphabet all day! This month I have some old and some new albums on repeat:  I’m listening to Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, Keyshia Cole,  Ne-Yo, Bridget Kelly, TGT, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and some Brian McKnight.

WBM: What guilty pleasures or embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

Ok, ok, I still listen to Backstreet Boys all the time, but I’m not even sure if I’m embarrassed! lol

WBM: Where would you most like to perform?

I’m not gonna lie, Madison Square Gardens would be the ultimate high! I would love to sell out 2 places: one is called the Apollo in my hometown of Manchester, UK, and the other is the Indigo 02 in London –  they are small intimate venues, and I’ve had the most magical nights there listening to my all time favorite artists singing there.

WBM: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t singing I would definitely still be involved with music. Organizing live music events, managing artists, songwriting: just something to keep music ALIVE!

WBM: Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics? What does expressing yourself like that do for you?

I DO! It sounds cliché, but writing is therapy. There’s so much I can’t say in real life, but when its pen to paper, there are no limits. When you write a song, you speak the whole truth, or NOTHING! I would find it hard to sing a song I hadn’t written, because then I might have to play on my imagination to tap into that emotion. But when I’m singing my own songs, the emotion comes without a second thought.

WBM: How did you get started co-writing “Piano” with Ariana Grande? 

I was in the studio in LA about 3 years ago, and we ended up writing a song called “Piano” for my project. I loved the song, it was up-beat, fun and quirky, but sometimes you can write something that just doesn’t match your life or represent you in that moment, which was absolutely true of this particular song. The producer showed Ariana the song a year later and she loved it and wanted it for her album which I was thrilled about, her voice is breathtaking.

WBM: What was it like collaborating with a rapper? Are you open to more collaborations with rappers in the US?

I loved collaborating with Wretch 32, he is special. He is on a remix of my song “Music”, and as an artist himself he related to the song 100%. What he brought to the song was magic. I would love to do more collaborations: When 2 artists have mutual respect and admiration for one another’s craft, a collaboration will always be a treasure.

WBM: I actually saw remember the Keyshia Cole cover and the effect it had, word is you maybe working together soon as well as with Tank. What’s the ideal situation with working with either of this phenomenal artists?

Keyshia and Tank are some of my favorite vocalists ever – they reached out to me after hearing me cover their songs. Getting recognition from your favorite artists is mind-blowing – they have both given me confidence in my craft and I thank them so much! Can’t wait to see what we can all cook up together!

WBM: I saw the Twitpic of you and Brian McKnight who is simply legendary. Would you ever work with him?

Brian McKnight is an absolute legend and I had the pleasure of meeting him about a year ago. He is such an amazing person and he took the time to listen to my music! It goes without saying that it would be a dream to work with him on any level!



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