Style–freshly served. The flavor–Fresh Minh Tea, and it couldn’t be more savory. Your server–Minh Nguyen, nail salon owner and an amazingly talented nail artist who also lets her creativity shine through her love of fashion. In a moment between business and stylish photoshoots, we find ourselves delighted at the opportunity to connect with Minh.

Find out what makes her so fresh.

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WBM: Using only a few words, who is the fashionista that is Minh Nguyen?

MINH: An outgoing, caring, sometimes grumpy perfectionist who loves fashion!

WBM: Where are you from?

MINH: I’m based in the Netherlands but originally from Vietnam.

WBM:Style: tell me about it and why it is so important to you.

MINH: My style is feminine, chic, trendy and slightly edgy. I think a world without different styles is like a world without different colors. A black and white world would be really boring.

Fresh Minh Tea + Why Blue Matters

WBM:Where do you feel your sense of style comes from?

MINH: My sense of style definitely comes from my mom. Her closet is filled with comfortable clothing and, unfortunately, not the most trendy pieces. But she gives the best fashion advice when it comes to dressing me. It also comes from my little brother who is a true fashionisto [who] isn’t afraid to give his honest opinion.

WBM: Do you consider yourself more classy or trendy when it comes to fashion?

MINH: I consider myself more trendy when it comes to fashion, but sometimes I like to add a classy touch to my trendy outfit.

WBM:When it comes to shopping what are some of the places that your frequent?

MINH: My favorite stores here in the Netherlands are Zara, Mango, River Island, H&M and New Look. And also internet shops such as Topshop, Missselfridge and ASOS.

WBM:What’s one fashion item you cannot live without?

MINH: That would be high heels. I am not that tall so I need to add some height. And high heels make me feel sexy and confident.

Fresh Minh Tea + Why Blue Matters

WBM:Fresh Minh Tea rocks. What inspired you to create this platform?

MINH: A friend of mine just started blogging about a half year ago. She posted beautiful pictures of herself on her blog and got a significant amount of positive feedback and collaboration offers in a short amount of time. This motivated me to start my own blog with the things I love which [are] fashion and nail art.

WBM:Your nail art is absolutely exquisite. How did you get your start?

MINH: I am the owner of a nail salon so creating nail art is part of my job. But even when the salon is closed I’m always decorating my own nails so it’s more like a part of my life.

WBM:What’s the most detailed design you’ve created for yourself or another?

MINH: That would be the Miranda Kerr (Victoria’s Secret model) portrait. It’s funny because a lot of people don’t believe that I hand painted it on a little nail. They say it’s a sticker (laughs). Oh well, I guess I could take that as a huge compliment.

Fresh Minh Tea + Nail Art + Why Blue Matters

WBM: Favorite color?

MINH: I love white clothing because it’s bright and fresh. When it comes to nail polish, salmon because it’s cute and girly.

WBM:Here at WBM, we’re all about inspiration. What kind of advice would you share for aspiring fashionistas?

MINH: Never change, always improve! You are unique just the way you are.

Fresh Minh Tea + Why Blue Matters

Images courtesy of Fresh Minh Tea by Jason of Sydney Francisco.

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For more information on Minh Nguyen:

Twitter: @freshminhtea
Facebook: /freshminhtea
Instagram: /freshminhtea