Travels have been a new experience and sometimes a test of patience now that we have been doing it with an infant. This last trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico over the Christmas holiday was another wonder and sometimes challenging experience. Playa Del Carmen is about forty five minutes from Cancun where you have to fly into CUN is the airport code.

We were greeted by rain and more than a dozen agents selling excursions from Jet Skiing to visiting the seventh wonder of the world Chichén Itzá Ruins, which now are recognized by everybody who saw the great movie Apocalypto. Chichén Itzá is the largest of the archaeological cities of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Now these Ruins are visited by many tourists from Mexico and the rest of the world, its best to go there early. Since this trip was almost free cost about 90minutes of time hearing about a useless time share but the trip took a full day to complete. The distance to get there was three hrs. to and from in a van thank God it wasn’t crowded. For all the travel mishaps cancellations, transfers I must say it was wonderful seeing these ruins the architecture  the history the culture was wonderful.

Chichén Itzá is also a great place for tourists to buy souvenirs because you can actually by some because of the heavy competition for one dollar, yes one dollar, but be careful some vendors yell out one dollar and try to charge more midway through the transaction.

Chichén Itzá was great and the resort we were in have four tequila bottle dispensers in the room with a fully stocked minibar full of beer, soda, and water. The hotel was a resort which I am not a fan of when wanting to connect with the residents of a country but came in handy due to the easy access to the beach, all inclusive, and twenty four hour food service.

The Mexican people from the taxi to the resort, to the beach, to the ruins, to the restaurants, to the shops were friendly but let’s be honest they were all paid to be. Due to our limited ability to speak Espanol it can be difficult to communicate with the locals. The people are beautiful and the monkey’s that surround the resorts are hungry but are not aggressive. The housing market in Mexico is why many foreigners are attracted to the beautiful beach. I found a two to three bedroom condo’s for sale that were perfect for living half the year near Tulum, Mexico for $27,000 U.S.

I recommend Mexico to all singles, couples, families, Cancun is the party scene and Playa Del Carmen is more laid back. A trip like this for one can be bought for a five days can be bought as low as $600 and up airfare included, but more realistic price for most will be about $1,200 a person airfare included.