When I think of Mercedes-Benz the first thing to come to mind is luxury. Mercedes-Benz has made an innovating impact on the car world for nearly two centuries.


This year in Chicago at the Navy Pier ballroom I was able to witness the Evolution Tour and experience not only the GLA and CLA vehicle designs, which are quite appealing, but also enjoyed festive music and of course, free drinks.  Wednesday on July 29th from 8 pm til 11 pm the Navy Pier Ballroom was full of people ages 21+ from the area, booming with media and booths for you to collect goodies, even get a style appraisal. Lines for screen printed tees, totes and tanks were endless, Skinny Pop popcorn handouts, and plenty of strangers greeting you with smiles..It was very harmonious, not a commonly used adjective for Chicago.However, this was the 2nd annual launch of the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour. Chicago was a hit! Hundreds of people surrounded the model cars with its new sleek designs, which surely will please a younger crowd. Did I mention it was free? The Evolution Tour was a free invigorating, informative, not to mention very classy event. The Evolution Tour’s first stop was in the big NYC late June, following my hometown Chicago, then LA, ATL, and last Austin, Texas. This being my first time I was not sure what to expect, but the crowd was great, the booths set up were interesting, and the drinks were just how I like em, strong...Can’t go wrong with a little spike in your life.



These Evolution Tours are to not only promote the brand of Mercedes-Benz but to also keep the younger generation aware of their new ideas, which are always changing from one good design or feature to even better. Wishfully thinking, I would love to be the owner of a CLA class Mercedes Benz, so checking them out was not a bad idea.

Their mission statement was clear when it came to tying the bond of their cars to the music blasting throughout the high ceilings of the ballroom at the Navy Pier. It was scenic beyond the cars, which made it more enjoyable, watching the night skyline of Chicago from the Pier.

The Evolution Tour also revealed a special guest performance by an upcoming British Rock Group who call themselves, “Bastille”.

Me (Kiara) taming my tresses with the Mercedes blow dryer

Me (Kiara) taming my tresses with the Mercedes blow dryer

There were three parts of the Evolution tour..Divided into segments it was obvious. One side you have the Mercedes team with Art, whether these Artist décor face designs for ladies and gents or Art displayed on the props around. Another side was titled the Evo Style Factory, where you could get your style appraisal, grab a free Mercedes symbolled top, and you can’t forget the selfie booth; where you caught me numerously posed. Last but never the least Music, with Passion Pit and Bastille, but here you would capture the Atlantic Ocean mix with Bastille as a live performance of Rock while the stage showed off beautiful displaying of lights—it kept the night young. Even though it was a work day, I wasn’t ready to leave.  Bastille was a hit the diverse crowd made the entire event worthwhile. I will definitely be in tune for the next one whether I am in Chicago or LA, it’s an event that will appeal to many if not all.


This guy yeah…he’s feelin’ it!

The Evolution Tour had 3 attractions where you can find Artist activations by Gregory Stiff and Zio Ziegler, the Bumbys with their analogical typing who remain anonymous. Toward the end, like a grand finale was the appearance of the new British sensation Bastille who did not let the crowd down. The Navy Pier Ballroom was a great location, although Chicago parking is never cheap, or easy to find, hundreds managed to attend. The next stop on the tour is Atlanta, dated for September 9th.  Social media offered a hashtag symbolizing the event, you can find more information www.mbevolutiontour.com along with pictures of the event and more details on tour dates.

Let us know about your evolutions…