Dreams without plans and efforts behind them will be just that– dreams. However, one emerging designer manifesting his ideas into reality is making quite the difference. Flahn Manly Founder and Creative Director of ICD Clothing is one great example. Impacting the world with his brand and inspiring others along the way, Flahn is the next reason Why Blue Matters.

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WBM: It takes vision to manifest, ideas into reality. Who is the visionary behind ICD Clothing?

FLAHN: My name is Flahn Manly also known as Bones. The Dreamer.

WBM: Where are you from?

FLAHN: I consider myself a citizen of the Universe, but I am originally from Monrovia, Liberia located in West Africa. I’ve spent the last five years in Bridgeport, CT and my youth years in the Greatest city on Planet Earth, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

WBM: Fashion Design, what is it and how much does it mean to you?

FLAHN: I see Fashion Design as a form of self expression. Fashion Design as a whole represents A Walking billboard in my eyes. Our body is the blank canvas, while the clothes and styles are the master pieces constructed by a True Artist.

WBM: How did you develop ICD Clothing?

FLAHN: It all started with an idea and a sense of wanting to be unique.. Honestly I got tired of wearing my older brother’s hand me downs. Haha. Making my own clothes definitely made me feel a lot better.

ICD Clothing

WBM: Is ICD an acronym for something?

FLAHN: Yes it is, ICD equals Incomplete Designz. It’s the understanding that life is a progression; a progression of designs; Incomplete Designz. The ability to realize the possibilities that can be achieved when one believes in positivity..

WBM: In your opinion, what’s difference between fashion and style?

FLAHN: As far as fashion goes, I see it as a form of Art. It’s timeless. Expressing yourself in a way of being completely vulnerable with not a care in the world. Style on the other hand, is basically allowing the clothes to compliment your body, your blank canvas, which is a presentation of what your sense of fashion is.

WBM: Describe the wearer of ICD. Who is he or she?

FLAHN: We are artists, inspirers and dreamers. We are connected by our yearning for progression; for inspiration; for growth. Together, we, you, and I are Team ICD™

WBM: What does your current collection consist of?

FLAHN: We currently have the Dreamer Society available which consist of a few Varsity Jackets, sweatshirts, and T-shirt. We are on the verge a releasing new pieces as the warmer weather draws in.

ICD Clothing

WBM: What can you attribute your success to?

FLAHN: I am laser focused and I have a set, predetermined goal of what I want out of life. I have a team of advisors around me that keep me well rooted, and I understand that no mans is an Island and I am not afraid to reach to those I highly respect for advice. I make sure to honor my deals with myself and others. I wont hesitate to renegotiate if needed to. In other words, I have integrity.

WBM: Biggest accomplishment?

FLAHN: Nothing extremely major as of yet. I continue to keep myself well rooted, and continue striving to better my art and brand. However to answer the question, I’ll definitely say deciding that ICD is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I believe its a huge accomplishment for myself because as I look around not many like myself have a sense of direction of where they are headed in life or what they yearn for.

WBM: What type of impression would you ultimately like to make with your work?

FLAHN: Whether you are Old , Young, Blind, Crippled, Black, White, Brown, Green or Purple, I just want to inspire. I want to be a reminder that each and everyone have the ability to create the life that they envision by simply deciding, “This is who I am, this is what I’m going to do, and this is how I’m going to do it”. Its that simple.

ICD Clothing

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Website: www.iamicd.com
Twitter: @icdclothing