Every generation there are a number of individuals who not only stand up but also stand out for the way they look at the world. And from what eyes can see and souls can feel, Alberta, Canada native, Elena Murzello is no different. She is the Elizabeth Barrett Browning of our time while being the wordsmithing, mind captivating, and heart wrangler of her own.

So with a few to provide a brief, yet beautiful look into the thoughts and perspective of who she is and discuss her recent accomplishment of self-publishing, “The Love List”, Elena zestfully breathes new life into what means to be alive. Better yet, what it means to be happy and align oneself with the people as well as things on the love list we create.

Elena, oh…how we love thee (you soon will too), let us count the ways.

WBM: In a few words, what’s the best way to describe the creative that is Elena Murzello?

ELENA: I’m your curious, ambitious, friendly, go-getter. Inspiration can come from anywhere and I often find art in the ordinary. I tend to ask the questions, “why not?” or “what if?” frequently.

WBM: When not inspiring others to be more cognizant of the love around them, where do some of your other interests lie?

ELENA: Exercise is an integral part of my daily routine. When I don’t work out, I definitely feel sluggish/lethargic. My trainer is the only person I let boss me around.

I love to travel. I’ve been back and forth to NY quite a bit in the last year and I want to break the feed and head somewhere else soon. There is something magical about traveling and learning about different cultures. I have my parents to thank for planting the seed (My mom is Filipino/Chinese and my dad is East Indian/Italian). The world is huge and I want to explore it!

WBM: Congratulations on all of the praise you’re receiving for “The Love List”. What do you believe has contributed to its success?

ELENA: Thank you! I think it boils down to my tenacity. My book is self published and self marketed – seeing the progression of a growing audience is rewarding.

Photo By: Joey Armstrong

Photo By: Joey Armstrong

Of course, I’m blessed with a great network that has encouraged me along the way. I’m grateful that my two friends travelled from Vancouver for TechStyleNYC, as they were an invaluable source of support for my first NY event.

WBM: What ultimately would you like readers to learn from reading its pages from cover to cover?

ELENA: It’s simple – to be happy. Whatever that means to you. You can be happy whether you have a list or not.

WBM: Considering the variety of perspectives you received to put “The Love List” together, what have you learned about others? What have you learned about yourself?

ELENA: I have learned that not everyone thinks a list is important and some people think having a list is too prescriptive. I’ve learned that challenging/revisiting my own list sometimes can help gain perspective on qualities I thought were important.

Photo By: Joey Armstrong

Photo By: Joey Armstrong

WBM: Do you consider love a noun or a verb? And whether it’s a thing or the action of something, what makes your heart smile?

ELENA: Great question! I consider love a verb. It’s the feeling that conjures up when you think of a person, place or thing. There are so many things that make me smile! It ranges everything from a comfy duvet to a great piece of architecture (I adore Gaudi’s work in Barcelona).

WBM: Have you narrowed down your own personal love list? If so, what might those qualities and characteristics might that special someone possess?

ELENA: Yes! I’ve narrowed my list down from the original 55 characteristics. A few include – ambitious, supportive and trustworthy.

WBM: What can the world expect from you next?

ELENA: Hahaha. You’ll have to wait and see (smiles).



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