A Blue Nun event on the Gold Coast of Chicago peaking right off of busy State Street premiere date October 15th set off the soft opening for Maple & Ash.  The newly constructed concept of “Maple & Ash” is nothing less than luxurious. When I walked in, I was greeted by a lovely host, looked up to bright chandeliers and an elegant floor level bar. The host kindly escorted me to an elevator and from there…Going up! When I reached the second level of the restaurant I immediately noticed the spacious dining room area. The lighting was beautiful and set the mood while the art on the wall captured different images and messages. To top it off the classy yet very friendly crowd made it all more wondrous for my first time. image13

Did I mention, it smelled amazing in there?!  It was a Blue Nun Riesling Wine feature event, however, the food served prepared by the kitchen chef was tasty, from the shrimp to the steak, even fresh caviar. Guests from all scopes gathered in the lounge and dining area, which set the mood right for a calm intimate night.


From my experience, Maple & Ash should be a hit with a diverse menu, great location, and spacious yet very contemporary design. I was even lucky enough to have Star sommelier Belinda Chang introduce me to one of her favorites, which has been Blue Nun Riesling– before she collaborated with them. I enjoyed this refreshing slightly sweetly tart, chilled in my glass, a few times.

Sommelier Belinda Chang spent 8 years in New York and express how badly she wanted to come home. Chang, now as Maple & Ash’s Sommelier, Blue Nun has also found a home. Belinda Chang is working in Maple & Ash’s Wine Program where Blue Nun Riesling wine is on the drink menu, which pairs greatly with light stews, Asian cuisine, fish, and chicken. 


Chang has never connected with Blue Nun  Wines until now but has been a fan of their Riesling for years, making Blue Nun sound even more reputable with her background and experience. Chang says she is loving the new place and looking forward to the weeklong soft opening, leading to the grand opening.

Blue Nun Event host Amanda DeRoxtra says this Riesling is like the “Little old grandma wine of the wines.” With its rich history of over 100 years Blue Nun Riesling wine was made in Germany, which is rare, but all the more independently unique from most wines. At the event, there were small dishes served and plenty Blue Nun drinks offered glass by glass. With Blue Nun Riesling being served at Maple & Ash, their Riesling is sure to pair great with their menu items. Located on 8 W. Maple Street in Chicago, IL, the “Gold Coast”  Maple & Ash should expect plenty of traffic with their awesome décor, food, and bar.

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