With all the music we receive via e-mail, tweets and FB posts we can now exhale with relief because  it has been quite some time since we’ve come across a hip hop project of this caliber. As follow up to his 2012 EP, Monday, emcee/producer Thewz out of NYC is hitting the ground and running something serious with the release of his latest, The Exhale.  And exhale, listeners can when checking out this 6 track project, especially since Thewz gets it. When it comes to the song structure, content, lyrics and overall sound of the work, it’s indeed very strong.

Moved by Soul Samples meticulously selected and crafted into thought provoking tunes, this SXMPLELIFE produced work has a nostalgic element that allows the essence of what makes hip hop music what it is meet with the not so distant storytelling of the skilled 19-year old emcee in Thewz. The combination of present sensibilities with past elements make for classic joints that present this coming of age and artistry EP as something to not only appreciate but also vibe to in a great way.

So what Fred Savage was to ABC’s The Wonder Years, Thewz is to The Exhale as he gives a very intimate and detailed narration of progress, relationships, and bringing his aspirations to fruition. Stand outs include but aren’t limited to “This Is Love”, “The Exhale” and “Sober Thoughts”.

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