Jungle Fever is the debut album from singer-songwriter and fashionista Zoo Moizelle. Her music is very unconventional, yet fun at the same time. How could you not love that? We know we do. Just as much as we love this new album filled with awesome dance beats, Jungle Fever is the perfect album to listen to while getting dressed for a night out. It will have you dancing all over from the moment you press play.

Jungle Fever + Why Blue Matters
Zoo’s style is completely infectious, giving us old school and new school mixed with pop, dance, soul, and even a little rock. Because she writes and produces all of her own music, you can’t help but appreciate the authenticity of her songs. She really has a sound all of her own. She puts so much energy and passion into this album, and you can hear it on every track. She reminds us of Kellis a little, if she would have played around with the same style of music.

Destined to put you in a good mood or a sensual one, every track on the album has a beat filled with emotions. Zoo Moizelle is energetic, fierce and definitely a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for music with a new sound, check out her new album. Far from ordinary, we promise you’ll love her for that.

For More On Zoo Moizelle:
WEBSITE: www.zoomoizelle.com
TWITTER: /zoomoizelle