You’ve just been served a prescription to music. Allow me to introduce the administering doctor— Headcase has been around since October of 2011, and helped save lives around the world with melodic philanthropy. There is no better way this company can trumpet the reasons as to Why Blue Matters than with its superhero blue headphones.

We have been celebrating Headcase over the course of November to show off their headphones-for-a-cause. They’re not just sexy portals of instrumental ecstasy plunged over your scalp, they are transcendent emissaries of vaccinations, irrigation, shoes, and humanitarian support organizations. In the case of Headcase’s Blue specimen, they provide two children with essential health care kits.

Partnering with the legendary Free the Children organization and one half of the founders, Mark Kielburger, Headcase delivers a pair of Mediterranean azure headphones that fund essential kits filled with preventative medication and vital packets of information to educate children on their bodies and health. It’s easy to see why we’re so euphoric about Blue being a certifiable Reason, when Free the Children has provided over $16 million for medical supplies around the world since 1995.

The two birds and one stone apothegm applies here well, given that it’s not just you who benefits from top-quality sound vibrations blasting through your cochlea. Children who have access to essential medicine and information have significantly more opportunities for a fulfilling life than those who don’t. The impressions this has on a community are incredible, since educated children will grow into educated adults who can understand and deal with health risks, thus continuing the cycle over generations.

To pour a ladle of maple syrup on top, the headphones look like the penultimate of fierce, surpassing the Dr. Dre headphones with their groovy headband and pleasant use of microfiber. The legitimacy of acoustic superiority in Headcase Blue to most other headphones on the market is blown out of the stratosphere. We’re quite positive that Headcase is just one face on the Rubik’s cube of Why Blue Matters, so why not send yourself into an orbit of wicked sound and virtuous cause?

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