Listen to “Better Days” album by The Black Clouds:

The Black Clouds is a perfect example of a DIY rock band. These guys own their own studio, write and produce their own material, plus they book and fund their own tours. You have to be a special group of individuals to take all of that on and still come up with great music. They’ve just finished their newest album Better Days.

Better Days is such a passionate album. When people think of rock-n-roll they think of danger and passion, and living on the edge. The Black Clouds have delivered just that. Better Days is a classic, loud and boisterous rock album. Lead singer Dan Matthews–also the lead guitarist–has a thunderous voice, at once raspy and bold, while his sick guitar solos deserve some personal attention all of their own.

This album had three key rules while it was being made: play hard, leave every postmodern music trend quivering in the dust, and score with a bullet. Mission accomplished. Everyone who is reading this should do themselves a favor and listen to Better Days–there’s no way you can’t be impressed by their DIY lifestyle after you hear what greatness they’ve achieved.

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