Jalen “$krilla” Scott is a young up and coming Urban Bespoke Designer from Western Massachusetts, who started working out of his fathers basement. Bespoke is a tailored look made specifically for the wearer, and well “Urban” is the style fashion his garments fit into.

Jalen has created his own lane with the origination of “urban bespoke” by utilizing his creative eye, a mix of luxury fabrics and materials from his environment, by doing so, he’s put himself in a position to style for other talented individuals on the rise that support the creativity in his designs. When asked the question “What is it that you do?” Scott immediately replied, with a confident demeanor “I create custom, one of a kind pieces for him and/or her. I’m truly selling originality,” Scott said.  “I want to be an example of positive things that can happen without negativity or feeding into the peer pressures of your environment.”

When examining Jalen’s work, I noticed a reoccurring symbol “ƷƸ” and went on to inquire what it meant.  “The ƷƸ?” when asked, Jalen responded “The 3rdEye sign is merely a symbol for originality. It represents the idea that everyone on this earth is unique and no 2 souls are identical, even when the appear the same.”

He ended our interview with this statement that we thought best exemplified his message to the world, as well as his work. “People are killing each other just to fit in, so imagine what they’ll do to stand out.”



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TWITTER: /_skrillaaa