With every story we tell, a newfound significance is added to Why Blue Matters. Value comes in the form of character, creativity, and passion, and this platform, time and time again is able to inspire others in amazing ways. Today is no different.

Here we find ourselves pulled into the beautiful world of Scholar and Fashionista, Anh Mai, and WBM invites you to visit. Filled with culture and adorned with panache, this beautiful world that we speak of is a direct reflection of its creator, and honestly couldn’t be any more fascinating than it already is.

However, the interesting thing that makes this world so remarkable is that we find that beauty is way beyond its commonly referred to ascetic. Beauty is in fact, an attitude. It is a mindset as well as an energy that exudes from within stimulating the senses of all that behold it. Anh Mai, undoubtedly possess this and captivates the attention of many.

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Ahn Mai + Why Blue Matters

WBM: Using only a few words, who is the fashionista that is Anh Mai? Where are you from?

Anh: Aside from being the first in my family to attend a University to being a proud aunt, I have a deep devotion to fashion. It all started when I was a little girl. I used to put on little black and red dresses with bows on my hair to pair with white flats. My mom told me all the neighbors were always eager to see what I wear. Nothing has changed now that I’m older. Playing dress up and looking pretty are what I love most. I am from California and there’s no place like La Jolla/San Diego for me to express my fashion sense.

WBM: Style: Tell me about it and why is it so important to you?

Anh: I am the girl who finds the most strange/odd items from vintage to current trend to be fashionable, fun and unique. With every outfit I put on each day/night/weekend, I want it to be an expression for my identity and personality. This has played an essential part of me because I want people to get to know my eccentricities. A way to express my uniqueness through fashion allows me to stay true to my inner creativity and modernize into a powerful, confident, and successful feminine role. And I think I have accomplished it well due to the compliments I have received every time I go out. I’m all about looking sexy because that’s when I feel the most comfortable.

WBM: Where do you feel your sense of style comes from?

Anh: I think my Vietnamese culture have some influence on my style. I love the show Gossip Girl and 90210 for their choice of outfits that are classy, sexy and fun, thus, it has influenced me in some way. For the most part, I pick the clothes that accentuates my skinny body frame. Most importantly, my creativity provides me with the flexibility to visualize an outfit before putting together an ensemble. Particularly, I pick outfits that allow me to stay classy because there’s no better way to be authentic and sexy!

Ahn Mai + Why Blue Matters

WBM: When not putting together the cutest outfits and chronicling your pictorial journey on Instagram what else do you do for fun?

Anh: During my free time, I can be found at clothing boutique stores. I never cease to find the cutest clothes to add to my wardrobe. When it is sunny out, I like to put on my bikini to sunbathe at the pool with a drink and fruit to one side while I read fashion/medical articles on my iPad mini. Fruit is my favorite snack and I absolutely have to eat it every single day. On the weekends, I like to hang out with friends and party hard like there’s no tomorrow!! On a side note, I love just staying at home and watch my favorite shows (Suits, White Collar, Revenge, Breaking Bad, etc.) and movies after a long day of school.

Ahn Mai + Why Blue Matters

WBM: Favorite Color?

Anh: My favorite color is red. I favor wearing red dresses to big events because it pops out in a huge crowd. But, I have a different favorite color to multiple things that I own.

WBM: What’s one fashion item you cannot live without?

Anh: I will start out saying I have to have everything but I cannot live without heels. I wear heels about 99% of the time when I go out even to a regular hangout. Wearing heels allows me to add an exciting detail to my outfit. Personally, I think an outfit is never complete without paring it with matching/popping out heels. All of my friends never cease to comment on how over-dressed I am when I see them. I, on the other hand, have never let that influence me in any way because dressing nice and looking presentable is an important part of me. With that said, 5-inch heels are my best friends.

WBM: Let’s say you had $2000 shopping spree, where would go and why?

Anh: If I had a $2000 shopping spree, I would definitely spend it on heels. Heels are my favorite shopping item because truth is, one pair can be used for multiple outfits. The more variety I have, the better! I tend to search for heels in many places ranging from Nordstrom, Macy’s, DSW, NastyGal, Shoemint, Shoedazzle and including European online stores. I find it better to shop at multiple places for shoes because I have a wide range of favorites when it comes to heels. I am a sucker for any pair that looks different from the rest and has a cool look to it. To add, I always find myself buying at least one pair of heels at the end of a shopping day.

Ahn Mai + Why Blue Matters

WBM: Here at WBM, we’re all about inspiration. What kind of advice would you share for aspiring fashionistas?

Anh: The best advice I can give is to stay true to your personality and look your best. The best outfit ideas come from your inner creativity and nothing can beat that. Your own style is what makes you unique so compiling an outfit by following your own ideas and creativity gives you the most classic/inspirational outfit. More importantly, have fun while you’re at it!

Photos Courtesy of Anh Mai

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