As we continue to provide the inspiration to move others toward their next breakthrough, we can’t help but find encouragement, hope, and positivity in efforts of Annette Jones, CEO and Creative Director of Lace Wigs & Weaves. From going right after her dreams and goals to being responsible for enhancing the looks of actress, Tamara Mowry, reality star & entrepreneur Draya Michele and singer Faith Evans to name a few, Annette is an industry leader.

Business never looked more beautiful.

Another great reason Why Blue Matters.
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WBM: Are there any challenges you face being a female CEO in the business world?

ANNETTE: Female CEO’s is probably one of the fastest growing movements I’ve seen in awhile. I am so grateful to be amongst this group of powerful women. Being in this position one will definitely face challenges, its inevitable! My responsibility as a CEO is to create, plan and implement a strategic direction for my company. In the process I will have to deal with challenges head on. However, overcoming challenges is how great leaders are made.

WBM: What made you pursue the hair industry?

ANNETTE: I pursued the hair industry because I love hair. Hair weaves, wigs, extensions, braids, etc. Growing up I never had a desire to become a hairstylist, but knew there had to be a niche for me somewhere in the industry. I studied and learned about the origin of donor hair and how I could create a business doing something I love. I jumped in feet first and been running every since.

WBM: How does California Lace Wigs & Weaves separate its self from other brands on the market?

ANNETTE: California Lace Wigs & Weaves separates its self from other brands on the market by providing a premium product. We never cut corners or compromise when it comes to quality. We hand pick all our hair and my staff and I are totally involved from the sourcing of the hair to the delivery of the final product.

WBM: What is your personal favorite hair texture from your brand and why?

ANNETTE: I have to say my favorite hair texture is African American (AA) Straight. I am a simple girl and on a daily bases I like to rock tresses that is low maintenance, with minimal style requirement.

WBM: Do you have any advice for young girls wanting to become successful entrepreneurs?

ANNETTE: My advice to young girls wanting to become entrepreneurs is:

1. Decide what it is you enjoy doing.
2. Make sure you are willing to do it for FREE!
3. Be a sponge and learn EVERYTHING there is to learn about the product or the chosen field.
4. Most importantly, develop tough skins…. its can be rough getting started, staying relevant, and maintaining your position. Network and stay consistent. NEVER give up on your dreams!

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