Taking the initiative to follow your passion is an amazing thing. It is an effort that, when put forth, yields nothing but worthwhile results. For those who embark on such an endeavor, they understand that regardless of how long things take, the hours expended for a day-in and night-out grind doing what you love is success in itself. For make up artist and hair stylist Kate Johnson, her passion has allowed her to make quite a difference. Find out just how much with another great reason Why Blue Matters.

WBM: One thing that makes brands great is their story. What inspired you to start Kate Johnson Artistry?

KATE: I have a degree in Special FX Makeup and Hair for Film and Theatre which, when I got out of school, I had little idea of what to do with. You see, I had started as a performing arts major and shattered my foot during my junior year. When I switched my major, I knew I loved creating characters as an actor and as a painter, but what to do with it when I graduated…was completely unclear.

Years later, after a life in finance co-managing teams of [over 20 people], I realized I needed to go back to my love of art. I worked, and did [also] work with great cosmetic companies, and also freelanced for other artistry brands. As my clientele grew, I knew it was time to quit working a 40 hour a week job, and own my own. After much discussion with my father, who is a successful business owner, and my amazing business partner and husband, I took the leap. It was important for me to run a business with the values I hold dear, where developing creative ideas and mutual respect for everyone involved was a central part of every day.

WBM: Who and what does your company represent?

KATE: I love artistry, it’s fun, but what I love is empowering people. I am able to use the vehicle of talents that God gave me to do many things. Lifting up other artists, teaching women how to put their best face forward every day for every occasion, bringing to life characters for an actor or director visually, helping sick children have fun with Flashes of Hope, and give back a sense of self ownership to victims of human trafficking with The A21 Campaign.

Photography By: Brit Wollard

Photography By: Brit Wollard

WBM: There’s the business and then there’s the business owner; describe the visionary behind Kate Johnson Artistry?

KATE: I feel so blessed to live this life. It’s hard work every day and it’s a seven day a week job. But it’s what I love. The further I can get, the more I can do to help people. I used to have a pastor who said, “Pray for influence with influential people. With their ear you can change the world.” As a child I used art to express my every emotion. I want to teach people that it’s okay to express themselves creatively; everything doesn’t need to be held inside.

WBM: Currently what type of services does your business provide?

KATE: Currently I do makeup and hair for private clients, brides, print, films and theatre. I also provide a mobile organic spray tanning service. The rest of my “business” is working on ideas to help other organizations.

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