We are taking the DJ out of the booth and giving you some insight on the talented DJ Boy Wonda. Some may not realize how important a DJ really is. It takes creative skills and knowledge to layer and mix the music we listen to. DJ Boy Wonda creates a smooth transition and puts his own spin onto the most popular hip-hop music that gets released . He also has almost every famous artist you can think of shouting out his name on his mixtapes. DJ Boy Wonda has a lot of support behind him and you can definitely see why when you take a listen.
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WBM: How did you get your name DJ Boy Wonda?

DJBW: Well it kind of came naturally by being so young and being one of the better DJ’s in the neighborhood, it was kind of given to me from the older heads like my older brother and his peers who started to see me DJ and be better than them. They were like yo, you the boy Wonda, so I took it and ran with it– DJ Boy Wonda.

WBM: At what point in time did you realize you wanted to be a DJ?

DJBW: I realized early. For fifth grade career day, I went there with two turn tables a DJ mixer and my parent’s old records. I knew it was something I wanted to do earlier in life.

WBM: How do you have all these famous artists on your drops such as Chris Brown and Ne-yo?

DJBW: Right place and the right time. They Respect the grind so they show love.

WBM: As a DJ, what do you want to be known for?

DJBW: That N**** is official, he puts it down, when they know it’s me, when they see my name, when there’s a product affiliated with me they know it’s quality, that’s it. If they see my name on a flyer they know it’s going to be good music. When they get a mixtape from me they know it’s going to be a hot mixtape.

WBM: You own your own studio, where is it located and what is it called?

DJBW: It’s called won world studio, you can also call it wonderland because it is wonderland. I’m right in the heart of Manhattan in time Square on 38th street in the heart of the city, right in between Penn Station and the Port Authority, so you can be coming from Queens, Brooklyn, or Africa and be right there and get at me.

WBM: What are some upcoming events your fans can catch you at this summer?

DJBW: Well, I’m looking to do a new radio show with the legendary Big Kap. If you don’t know who that is do your homework. And you can catch me on sound cloud, I’m dropping new mixtapes like every two weeks, that’s soundcloud.com/djboywonda you can check me every two weeks with a new mix for you.

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TWITTER: /djboywonda
INSTAGRAM: /djboywonda
SOUNDCLOUD: /djboywonda