Behind every great work or works lies struggle, heartbreak and the effort needed in order to overcome it all. For Amber Ojeda and Davy Nathan, singer/songwriter and musician respectively, their recent collaboration as newly formed group, The Lift take the troublesome times of what relationships or the lack thereof bring and give it a soundtrack.

In their self-titled, 5-track EP set for a Spring 2013 release, The Lift hit the heart hard and give listeners something to relate to over piano backed songs with emotionally driven lyrics. To describe their sound, think Norah Jones meets Coldpay. That description however, doesn’t even begin to capture how amazing Ojeda and Nathan are. What The Lift bring to music is more than just lyrics, vocals and instrumentation. If we had to pinpoint, it would definitely have to be a keen understanding of the human condition and the spectrum of emotions people deal with as togetherness with another begins to fall apart at the seams.

Not limited to but highlighted by, “Lost In The Middle”, “Lost Love” and “Why I Stayed”, The Lift will indeed resonate with you. Their ability to capture experience and give it a universal feel undoubtedly gives them an edge above most, and that to us speaks volumes.

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