Image courtesy of Emre Ayaroglu, Designed by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo.

Poetry offers us the opportunity to look on the most surreal objects, the most common words, and the most excruciating emotions with a courage of which we were previously unaware. April is National Poetry Month, and these two back-to-back music videos, discovered to have a similar theme, celebrate the potential to discover inspiration in the simplest of experiences.

The Alvaret Ensemble – “Birds”

The walls you pass every day may hold no significance to you, but how many hands have swept their skin over the cold stone with doubt, and how many heads have pressed against them with unrelenting hope? There is no object that exists without collective impact and individual memory. How do you experience the spaces between the obvious?

Hammock – “Breathturn”

“Away! away! my birds, fly westwards now,
To wheel on high and gaze on all below;
To swoop together, pinions closed, to earth;
To soar aloft once more among the clouds;
To wander all day long in sedgy vale;
To gather duckweed in the stony marsh.

Come back! come back! beneath the lengthening shades,
Your serge-clad master stands, guitar in hand.
‘Tis he that feeds you from his slender store:
Come back! come back! nor linger in the west.”

– The Song of the Cranes, Su Shi (1037-1101)

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