Imagine this scenario. There’s a talented performance artist that lives on the opposite coast of the audition that he/she wants to participate in. However, to due to geographic location this talented performance artist won’t be able to make it to that key audition, missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Good news is, performance artists in situations much like the one described will no longer have to worry about chasing their dreams too far.


Bridging the gap between time and distance as well as talent and talent executives, “SURT”, is the latest from South Korean based company Jocoos Inc. “SURT” is an audition application that offers talent groups and entertainment management entities an opportunity to host or participate in auditions. How cool is that??? Its features make it the fastest, yet simplest way for aspiring talent to get that much closer to what they’re so passionate about, as well as provide an effective way for entertainment management entities to host private, professional auditions within a virtual space. On the entertainment management side, “SURT” specifically provides agencies with an opportunity to avoid the hassles associated with hosting a brick and mortar audition, such as space rental and staffing. Because “SURT” utilizes a US patent pending, video streaming technology discovering the next Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Kanye West or Taylor Swift is nothing but an app download away on iOS and Google Play respectively.

The app itself is clean. The User Interface is extremely friendly and is easy to use. And of the talent noted from around the world, there are some diamonds in the rough waiting to be unearthed. So definitely check out SURT and start hosting your talent auditions today!

Check Out This Video From KKS and How They’re Using SURT For Their Auditions



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