Just listened to the new album from Grown Up Avenger Stuff and it was awesome. We do
always say that we’re looking for the next super hero, and this is definitely the perfect group–they even call themselves “your favorite neighborhood rock band with super powers”! Grown Up Avenger Stuff is one of those loud, let’s scream it out kind of rock bands, often compared to groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

Their new album Sparkleton is great. The lead singer has some crazy pipes and an incredible range. She can get as loud she wants and still sound amazing. Not to mention that she’s backed by a good band. The instrumentals to almost every track had me vibing out. It’s like each note describes how you’re feeling so clearly without you even saying a word, and the best part is you can just sit back, close your eyes, and listen.

Check out their music video “The Man” from the Sparkleton LP:

There’s no other way to put it. The album is badass, soft, and sweet all at the same time. It’s kind of like a relationship: it’ll kick you then kiss you right after. Don’t be surprised if they become one of your favorite bands after listening to the album.

You’ve been warned.

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