It requires a certain type of passion to not only improve our own lives, but something quite special to enhance the quality of life in others. Extraordinary is what hairstylist and professional airbrush makeup artist, Lavette Slater specializes in, and her innate sense of beauty can bring out the inner fabulous of anyone. Her accolades, abundant, with clientele beyond elated by the impact she makes. We feel it. Shoot…she’s won Emmy for her work ABC’s “The View”. How fabulous is that?

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WBM: What’s the best thing about being a hairstylist?

LAVETTE: I love being a hairstylist! I like to make people feel good about themselves. You would be surprised how a new look can make you feel. I also get to live vicariously through my more daring clients with hair.

WBM: Finish this statement: Every good hairstyle needs_______ ?

LAVETTE: Every good hairstyle needs the personality to go with it. That is why I love doing complete makeovers. I like to talk to my clients get to know their style and personality. Then I chose a style that would fit them perfectly. Sometimes I see an extremely edgy style on a shy person, that may not match; so I like to help them find the style that will look FABULOUS on them.

WBM: What’s your favorite hair product and why?

LAVETTE:: I have many favorite hair products. If I had to name one it would be, The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell. I Love leave in conditioners. Everyone needs it, it protects the hair and keeps it soft.

WBM: Fashion Week brings kind of energy to NYC. What type of excitement does NYFW bring to your life?

LAVETTE: New York Fashion Week is the ultimate experience. You are exposed to all the new trends and fashion for the next season. I get so much inspiration. I can also take my look to the next level, try new things and no one will say anything…

WBM: Were there any remarkable styles, hair and otherwise that you can make mention of?

LAVETTE: I enjoyed Jeantrix of Lucid Dreams they are very artistic. The models looked like mannequins. The hair was slicked into finger waves and the makeup made them look like porcelain with pale faces and intense cheeks, loved it.

WBM: Your sense of style is definitely official, what contributes to you looking gorgeous and staying fabulous?

LAVETTE: Thanks for the compliment. I guess when you are confident and comfortable in what you are wearing that can be appealing. I like to wear what I’m comfortable in. I also love what I do so when you are happy it shows also.

WBM: In what ways has 2013 been a good year for you so far?

LAVETTE: 2013 has been amazing! I am transitioning from behind the scenes to being in front, I’m giving my talents and skills a face. It is always nice when I get emails from people who have followed my career, that respect and admire my work. It feels good to be able to give back, share my knowledge and experiences. Right now I have a few projects I’m involved in that I’m extremely proud of, one being, my human hair wig line, Lovie by LS.

I have many clients that suffer from thinning hair, Alopecia and female pattern baldness. I like to be able to provide options that look natural looking for them, and to give them their confidence back. As women we love our hair. The ability to be creative with a variety of styles is what we love to do. Participating in that creativity gives me the greatest joy.

Photo Credit: Andrew Fennell

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