“KINGS” reigned supreme. For the many in attendance at HEREstay, New York City, who filled every seat, plus an additional few, the play for playwright, director and recent WBM feature, Anna Governali, showed at the 10th Anniversary Downtown Urban Theater Festival, stirred spirits, touched hearts and held the attention of minds for the duration of what each moment from this powerful production had to offer.

Amazing and thought-provoking to say the least, “KINGS” is a play of self-discovery, telling the story of young graffiti artist Izzy/Israel Flores (Victory Chappotin) and his journey to find his place among the greats. While on his mission to attain majesty–a designation earned by his social group–Izzy ends up finding a lot more when knowledge of his missing mother Gloria (Soleidy Mendez) leads him to get reunited with her.

Emotionally gripping and dealing with some real issues that hit close to home, Governali depicts a story not much different than those seen on the news or read about in the paper. This is not to get mistaken or confused with anything you may have previously experienced. She captures the struggles of inner-city life as though the audience were on-lookers or, for that matter, extras right in the midst of everything going on and in the production itself.

Even though it is a story about one young man’s journey to become King, this show was made to fit by a Queen, as playwright Anna Governali, along with stellar cast and crew, showed the world how amazing the Arts can be.