15188-img-2Whether you’re organizing your home, the workspace, for a move, inventory for a small business or even keeping track of things that you’ve lent out Sortly has it well…all sorted out. While I did receive the premium version gratis of Sortly touted as “the ultimate organization app” for this sponsored review, they have a free version that allows for the creation of a visual inventory of up 200 items, which will suffice for the occasional user. However, if you’d like to take advantage of the QR Labeling, Video use for inventorying and PDF/Dropbox exports then premium is the way to go, I’ll talk about those benefits (you’ll probably find $7ish to reimburse the Sortly purchase while sorting through some of the clutter lol).


Sortly has not only made the visual organization (up to 8 photos – which can be customized with highlights and resizable arrows, to help you pinpoint the proverbial needle in a haystack) of everything from shoes, tools, wines to jewelry, clothes, toys and books simple with the use of the common hierarchy system of files and folders, but they made it incredibly convenient and intuitive to quickly add, edit and delete items as needed in a couple of well-placed taps. Even syncing capabilities to auto-save to Evernote without having to do any heavy lifting, which you can access in Evernote Web and Andriod.

As, for stepping the fun of organizing up from Free to Premium you maintain all the simplicity and convenience of the Free version with the added features of printable QR Labels – to adhere to the containers you’re using for storage that can be instantly be scanned to show the contains within, without having to unnecessarily empty the contents, Video inventorying – for an even more interactive approach to sorting out items take up 15 secs of footage and PDF/Dropbox exporting – share your data in two different types of PDF: Album and List types with anyone, with just one tap export photos and videos to Dropbox.


Some of the extra notable features are:

  • EASY ORGANIZATION: Organize your items in folders and sub-folders. 5 levels of folders for flexible categorization (eg. Home > Bedroom > Closet > Jewel Box > Diamond Ring). Use folders to denote physical locations or categories.
  • TAGS, NOTES, PRODUCT INFORMATION & REMINDERS: Add searchable tags and notes to folders and items. Add details of your items like SKU number, serial number, purchase date, warranty date etc. Schedule reminders to alert on purchase date returns or warranty expirations.
  • TRACK LENDING: Track who you are lending your favorite items and schedule reminders to get them back.
  •  CLOUD BACKUP & SYNC: Create cloud account to automatically backup your data. Use the same account in multiple devices to keep data in sync! Share the account with your friends, family or colleagues to share data with them!
  •  STAY UP TO DATE: Move your things in real life? No problem — it’s easy to update their locations in the app!
  • MOVING CHECKLIST: Manage your move in one app!

All-in-all, I believe Sortly is a tech person’s dream for integrating a computer-like file storing interfae for how we organize real-world items.

Get Sortly, Now! on the Apple App Store HERE. (sorry for Andriod users, guess you’ll have to wait)



WEBSITE: www.sortlyapp.com
TWITTER: /sortlyapp
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