We have a legend living among us. Someone who, over the past 50 years, has made an impact so immense that his efforts helped pioneer much of what we hear today in music. That in and of itself is impressive, to say the least. We had the honor of connecting with Sonny Turner, musician, performing artist and lead singer of the super successful group, The Platters.

Why Blue Matters gets up-close and personal with this icon. Learn how he got his start, the significance of music in his life, and the latest in the life of Mr. Turner. It really doesn’t get any more amazing this.

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WBM: For those who may not be familiar, who is Sonny Turner?

SONNY: Sonny Turner is the best of both worlds. Sonny Turner is blessed and highly favored, and I’m grateful to be able to realize my dreams come true.

WBM: Why does music matter to you?

SONNY: Because it is a gift to me. Not only does it matter, it’s necessary for my well being, and knowing that it is a gift from God.

WBM: How long has it been a part of your life?

SONNY: Since I was old enough to recognize I had a voice.

WBM: The group, The Platters, tell us a little about them? How’d the group form? Who did it consist of? Genre of music?

SONNY: The group formed in California back in 1953. By the time they had their first hit record, the group consisted of Tony Williams, Herb Reed, Zola Taylor, Paul Robi, and David Lynch. I replaced Tony Williams in 1959 as lead singer and continued on until 1970. Our genre of music is Doo-wop, or beach music. Specifically, this was the early rock and roll sound and we were one of the most successful early rock and roll groups of the era.

WBM: Most memorable moment being with The Platters?

SONNY: When they first accepted me one night in 1959 after I auditioned for them and they hired me that night.

WBM: If you could share three key insights, what should musicians and performing artists keep in mind on their path to success?

SONNY: First of all, realize they have to love what they are doing. That means that everything that comes with love is not always satisfactory, but it is gratifying, and if you love something–truly love something–then you have to deal with the pros and cons it brings, and you must learn to respect yourself and your talent. It’s like the song “Love is Beautiful”.

WBM: Word has it you’re in the process of filming a documentary; what’s the film about?

SONNY: Yes, the documentary is being produced by Desert Hotel Films, an independent production company, and will center around my life and my career with The Platters. Troy Byer Bailey is Executive Producer, and Desert Hotel Films has launched a Kickstarter for the documentary as well.

WBM: You’ve touched and inspired a significant amount people, what’s next?

SONNY: To continue to do just that.

WBM: How do you plan to leave your legacy?

SONNY: On a high note of quality. I plan on continuing to perform. I am humbled by the support I receive from my audiences [that] come in droves to see me, and I just want them leaving with a smile.

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WEBSITE: www.sonnyturner.com
TWITTER: @onlysonnyturner
FACEBOOK: /SonnyTurner.Platters