Songbird, the new 14-track album by singer-songwriter Chantelle Barry, is simply stellar. Co-written with the skilled musician, and recent feature on “Say Hello”, Scott Whyte, Songbird has the sultriness of Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain yet professes the contemporary sensibilities of a Christina Perri. Chantelle Barry sings in the most mellifluous of vocals that take your heart and mind to places not short of amazing. Somewhere between indie folk, alternative rock, pop, or some hybrid of the three, what’s for sure is that the album just keeps on getting better, from one song to the next.

With stand out tracks When You Love Someone, A Real Friend, Say Hello ft. Scott Whyte, Drive and Day by Day, the listener gets whisked away to familiar places and experiences easy to relate to. The songs have a way of connecting with you right down to your core. Perhaps it’s the subject matter. Much of Songbird speaks about relationships– how one is in relation to another, and how the outcome of those experiences either draws one nearer or farther away from someone.

All in all, Songbird is an amazing body work with songs ready for repeat at any shade of day or mood that you might be in. Songbird is WBM Certified.


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