Whether through sports, entertainment, art, business, medicine or technology, the mission for Why Blue Matters remains the same: always look for the next reason. That’s something we shall continue to do, as throughout the year we strive to deliver nothing but the best, the brightest and most influential people and stories to help inspire others.

One story that we’re especially moved by comes from the international headset manufacturing company HeadCase Sound. Changing the landscape of consumers and products, HeadCase Sound utilizes a business model that fights poverty and helps others in an immense way around the globe.

In this interview with Elyakim Samuel, the CEO of HeadCase Sound, learn more about the business of music and how, through their efforts, the impact made will always be more than just music.

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WBM: What is HeadCase Sound?

ELYAKIM: HeadCase Sound is an international headset manufacturing company with a twist! We have produced an affordable pair of headphones that combine the best of quality with the ability to inspire a change in far away, and sometimes near, regions of the world. The name HeadCase Sound has become almost synonymous with our #MoreThanMusic campaign which is set at inspiring average people to step up to the plate of being extraordinary by enabling them to do good within a truly global arena.

WBM: Who/What was the inspiration behind this project?

ELYAKIM: Honestly, the inspiration behind this project is two-fold. We love Music and we love charity. Our specialty is creating quality headphones, so it didn’t take us long to put two and two together in order to create what has become widely known as the “HeadCase Model”.

WBM: What’s the significance behind the name?

ELYAKIM: HeadCase refers to the CRAZY which lies within music! From the time of giants all the way to the present day, it’s easy to see how incredible an influence music has had on society and the way we interact with the world. It is our goal to harness that power, and use it to inspire others to be the change in the world they wish to see.

WBM: HeadCase is currently campaigning its project via IndieGogo. Why not traditional means of financial backing?

ELYAKIM: You are correct, HeadCase Sound is currently using Indiegogo and the amazing community of people there as the central hub for our funding campaign. The reason why we have decided to do so is so that we can be closer to the community and to the people who will actually be changing the world… YOU! It’s hard to get that from behind a desk in some boardroom. We are currently exploring all funding options, but for now, Indiegogo is serving as a fantastic avenue for funding the initial batch of production.

WBM: How has the response been so far?

ELYAKIM: Absolutely phenomenal. I think I can speak for all of us here at HeadCase Sound when I say that we have been blown away by the level of support received. My personal inbox fills up everyday with messages from supporters commenting on everything from the headphones themselves to the More Than Music campaign.

WBM: Why is HeadCase Sound so important?

ELYAKIM: That’s an easy one! HeadCase Sound is not important. What is important are the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lives that will be changed because of what we are doing and the causes that we are taking a stand for. Don’t get me wrong here, HeadCase Sound as a company is brilliant, but that’s only half the picture and the lesser half in my personal opinion.

WBM: What makes HeadCase different from other audio equipment?

ELYAKIM: We have an anti-tangle long fabric cord to avoid annoyances when listening to your jams, comfortable ear and headband padding for prolonged periods of listening, a share-your-music plug [with] two 3.5mm aux jacks ( just plug into another pair of headphones to hear what your buddy is listening to), travel friendly unbreakable case, 50mm speaker drivers for a deeper [and] richer bass and sound. And on top of all of that, each headset is associated with a unique charity partner that enables a cause-specific metric to be carried out upon purchase.

WBM: How great is it knowing that your efforts are impacting the world in a positive way?

ELYAKIM: It’s why I wake up in the morning! My grandmother always used to say, “Opportunities of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity”. This is ours!

WBM: What’s the big picture of HeadCase Sound? Any other projects in the works?

ELYAKIM: The big picture of HeadCase Sound is to create a worldwide movement that takes down the monopoly that only a few brands have created within the industry, [like] Dr. Dre Beats, Bose, [and] SkullCandy. We will do this by providing the best quality for the most affordable price, all while giving back. The movement is sound, but it is much #MoreThanMusic.

WBM: If you had to offer any advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

ELYAKIM: Embrace uncertainty, take the limits off, and jump. There is no guarantee that your chute will open but then again, that’s part of the thrill isn’t it? Life is truly an adventure so don’t live yours inside of a box. Make the choice to be abstract, to stand out, and it will be then that you find out who you really are!

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WEBSITE: www.headcasesound.com
TWITTER: @headcasesound
FACEBOOK: /headcasesound