The most amazing thing about any artist aside from their ability to create is the means through which they gather inspiration to give breath and life to their works. The beaded musings of Brittany Alcoa from New Mexico are no different. Well acquainted with amazing herself, Brittany draws inspiration from the nature of her environment and couples it with a keen way of looking at the world — a speculative one.

Three years in the making, the self-taught talent fashions her works in way that not only allow her to improve and become better with every creation but also create experiences to learn more about herself in the sincerest process of newfound purpose, tranquility and understanding of each bead placed. So if art imitates life mastery can be found in her peace as well as in each piece.

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[su_quote][My Work] slows time down, allows my mind to think of nothing and everything at the same time. I have to keep my thoughts positive; there is no such thing as Beading angry. You’ll do nothing but knot your string and poke your finger….. repeatedly. In that respect, I learned to be wary of my thoughts. Consequently, I am a calmer more levelheaded person….all because of beadwork. All because I sat down and finally let the world around me be quiet. It was only then I could accomplish what I set out to learn.

-Brittany Alcoa[/su_quote]

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WBM: Art and Fashion is much about the work as it is about the artist, in a few words who are you and where are you from?

Brittany: I am Brittany Alcoa, an Artist from Northern New Mexico where I was born and raised. I am a Diné (Navajo) Native American woman making my way in this Glittering World.

WBM: What interests you most about art?

Brittany: Art reflects life, it embraces change and always adapts to time.

WBM: How as did that interest develop into the beaded pieces you create today?

Brittany: I was listening to Game & Kanye’s ‘Jesus Piece’…. the idea started there. My first piece (Miami Heat) was successful, I’ve been taking orders for Beaded Pieces ever since.

Brittany Alcoa - Why Blue Matters


WBM: Why that choice of material?

Brittany: There is a great amount of focus needed to make beads move the way you want them to, I’ve stared at pieces for hours to figure out where to fit 3 Beads. Working with beads is challenging but when done right, it is wholly perfect; I live for that perfection.

WBM: Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created?

Brittany: That would be the gold/purp Iroqouis Nationals emblem, it was a challenge but once done I knew I had arrived. It also made me happy to hear the recipient was “little kid excited” to receive it (smiles).

Brittany Alcoa - Why Blue Matters


WBM: Where’s the best place to find inspiration?

Brittany: I am fortunate to live facing the Sandia Mts, nature’s beauty and harmony inspire me.

WBM: It’s the top of 2014, what are your plans?

Brittany: I plan to travel to different Art Festivals and Shows throughout the United States beginning in March. At this time I’m in production mode.

WBM: When not creating, what does some of your down time consist of?

Brittany: I have a huge appreciation for silence, I bask in it, that is why I love to frequent museums and galleries. Optimally that’s where my down time would be spent.

Brittany Alcoa - Why Blue Matters

WBM: What are 5 things people can do right now to start their own business?

Brittany: Learn to negotiate, keep good records, identify your customer, be consistent, and remember that anyone who strives to be Great has been in your place.

WBM: What can the world expect from you next?

Brittany: The world can count on my further Mastery of Beadwork, as I tell my clients- let’s make something amazing!