Since discovering and interviewing quickly rising pop sensation Rickstar earlier this January, Why Blue Matters has been fervently watching this young artist’s every move. Not as ominous as that sounds, we are driven by a collective belief that Rickstar is going to go far, and go fast. His latest music video for the single “I Just Wanna” is proof that New York City has captured the singer’s imagination, and has already garned over 37,000 views on YouTube.


Vivid and photogenic, the images capture Brooklyn with contagious bounce. Writing this little exposé at 1 AM, the charm of this light-hearted story is felt a fraction more than usual, and the resultant grin has painfully staked its claim on the realms of non-existent dimples on my cheeks. There’s just something irresistible about an attractive young man in exceptionally stylish shorts prancing up to a woman and displaying a (successful, mind you) dance of courtship. While sneaking off to a secluded alley might have induced a few more giggles than intended, Rickstar delivers yet another example of why he’s one to watch this year. Not enough Rickstar for you? Check out the teaser we shared in February and the behind the scenes video of his dance rehearsal!


Groove to Rickstar’s “Been Around the World” off of his Eclectic State of Mind EP:

WBM is certain that Rickstar is off to a good year, and we’re stoked to see like-minded comments simmering on “I Just Wanna”.  He recently unleashed his Eclectic State of Mind EP upon the world, which features some more diverse sounds in comparison to his Motown inspired Vintage Soul Modern Mind debut EP. Big projects are on their way, and if Rickstar should consider any worldly snippet of wisdom, it would be the ever-trusty: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.


For more information on Rickstar, and for EP downloads, visit:


Twitter:   @Rickstaronline

SoundCloud:   Rickstar-music