We often see premium fashion and believe “Wow, they’re very fashion conscious”, but Style for Humanity, a progressive thinking fashion company, forced us at WBM/Are You The Reason to now wonder is the premium fashion that’s in a trend being “fashion conscience” to boot. After this, we encourage readers, philanthropists and fashionistas/fashionistos to take note.

Style for Humanity with Pirates Of Panama

Pictured here (l-r): Raymond Fong – Founder, Ed Van Egan – Pirates Of Panama, Guitarist, Joe Fontaine – Manager and Louis Collins – Pirates Of Panama, Bassist & Lead Vocalist

Style for Humanity is noted as putting people first. Their clothes may not make the man, but the help makes the man a better person. While currently only available for wholesale, they held a celebration of their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection at Essex Skyline in Santa Ana, CA. Not only were the minds behind Style for Humanity present Raymond Fong – Founder, Barry Yu – Lead Designer and Vanessa Menchaca – Digital Media Consultant, but some interesting personalities from fashion to music to philanthropy were brought together behind this brands powerful concept: Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. We are committed to elegance, but not at the cost of the consumer or the artisan. All of our pieces are responsibly sourced and produced, absent of gender or socio-economic limitations.

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With a mission is to make a positive difference in the world through fashion, Style for Humanity currently supports 3 carefully curated charities Room to Read, Thrive Networks and K.I.D.S.| Fashion Delivers who are equally committed to empowering and helping people by donating 20% of their profits. Yes, even with being available only for wholesale currently.

“20% of profits to charities apply across the board – so it doesn’t matter if we sell wholesale or retail,” Said Fong when asked about giving profits prior to being sold at retail, “If there’s profit to be made, 20% goes to charities, period. Currently, the 3 charities share in on that 20% evenly.”

While in this pre-launch phase Style for Humanity believes it’s  most important to get folks to figuratively raise their hands by joining their newsletter, interacting on social media, etc. and saying, “I believe what you believe.” We encourage you to raise your hand and visit: styleforhumanity.com, Style for Humanity is said to be launching for retail later in 2016. Be sure to stay updated on their progress.