Released mere hours ago on YouTube, performer Santa Dimopulos presents her official music for her single “When We Move”. Santa Dimopulos is a Ukrainian singer, originally from the Russian-Ukrainian band VIA Gra, coming to us through up-and-coming label, Firework Sound. Previously from Firework Sound we featured Alloise.

“When We Move” combines the party-ready anthem of Dimopulos with aesthetics of fashion, high-octane sexiness, and admittedly some giggle-inducing awkward brushes with S&M. There’s nothing particularly explicit, but visually there is a bit of inconsistency, where Dimopulos prowls onto the scene as a wild mechanic in booty shorts, proceeding to punctuate the entire video as a glittery body-suit clad dancer, momentarily as a fluttering princess of the desert, and finally a relatively passive dominatrix.

Coming from Europe, Santa Dimopulos delivers decidedly American sounds and tries to capture American visuals. The result is both entertaining and promising, albeit a little uncertain of itself.

Santa Dimopulos  © Copyright Ilya Ratman

Santa Dimopulos © Copyright Ilya Ratman

Featured image of Santa Dimopulos © Copyright Ilya Ratman

For more information on Santa Dimopulos:

VK: santa_official

FACEBOOK: /santadimopulos

TWITTER: @SantaaDimopulos

INSTAGRAM: /santadimopulos