Blk I.D is a very artistic unit. They’re a clothing line, and a hip-hop group all wrapped into one. They have been inspired by all kinds of people from Andy Warhol to Kanye West. Two hip-hop members of the group Kwaz and Perks released a video for Kwaz’s song “Bombay Lemonade” featuring Perks. “Bombay Lemonade” was their very first video as a hip hop group (check that out on youtube by the way)

After the release of their first video. Kwaz and Perks wanted to challenge themselves more as a hip hop group and decided to release a new video every month, so the start of their new journey begins with the release of this new video. This is Perks with his cover song for 2 Chainz “Riot”.

For more info on Blk I.D:
Twitter: @kwazikwaz @perkswho @BLKID_