With Rickstar’s fresh release of his official music video for “Been Around the World”, the young London native is taking definitive steps to establish himself as a star, and there’s no better stage for it than the hyper-reality of this vivid video. “Been Around the World”, directed by Daniel Tantalean and produced by Jen Winterbotham, interprets Rickstar’s eighth track off of his solid Eclectic State of Mind EP. This comes as Rickstar’s first exploration of science-fiction tinged themes, and only the sixth video project for the singer. The music video impresses with a visually detailed characterization of an ambitious inventor, emphasizing the ambient layering of textures in objects — from the colors playing in liquids, to interesting linear designs in the charts and drawings in the room.

Importantly, Rickstar stays true to his unique style, using costume, and minor elements of continuity under the production design of Mayra Amaya, as a way to ground the fantastical narrative in his own identity. “Been Around the World” is a tale of ever-improving movement. Each technical addition, each progression takes him further in his aspirations, from the earthly to the cosmic. And fair enough, the song’s lyrics reference the search for his love, but for those who have been keeping a close on Rickstar’s projects, the images reveal his own evolution that builds from roots in motown-revival into a fusion with contemporary R&B. In the same way that Rickstar finds his girl in “Been Around the World”, we’re sure he’s going to find the cosmic portal to super-stardom any day now.

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