RÁJ is a relatively new artist that took listeners and bloggers by storm last October with his one single, Ghost. It is a haunting track that raises goosebumps on your arm with just a listen. Except for a small club tour last fall there is little hype or background on RÁJ personally.  Clearly his music speaks for itself. Unlike most musicians it is inspiring in a refreshing way to see a new voice emerge without publicity. Much like his mysterious rise, RÁJ has released his second single, a demo, “Will You Love Me When I Die” in an ambiguous way by uploading it to SoundCloud without any publicity. The song much like the predecessor leaves the audience wanting more. To hear more from RÁJ visit his SoundCloud and download “Will You Love Me When I Die” for free.



Are you inspired to do things differently than the others before you?



Image Credit: RÁJ/Facebook