The journey along the path to success can be a dark and oftentimes lonely one. Filled with peaks, valleys, twists and turns, reaching the destination of one’s ideal goals can’t arrive soon enough. There’s disappointment, there’s doubt and even setback can hinder progress. However, helping others get closer to their dreams while making the process more manageable, Sasha Brookner, the CEO of Helio PR is a beacon of hope.

Showing the way and helping clients boost their public visibility throughout a number of industries, Sasha and the team over at Helio PR do amazing work. It’s efforts and influence like those of Sasha that make her quite the inspiration and an example of someone truly making a difference.

Find out why Sasha Brookner is the next reason Why Blue Matters.

Photo Credit: Ed Canas Photography

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Sasha Brookner - Helio PR

Sasha Brookner (c) Ed Canas Photography

WBM: Where are you from?

SASHA: I was born and raised in Berkeley, California

WBM: What do you like most about being involved in PR?

SASHA: I get an opportunity to be a storyteller of sorts. I help share people’s narratives with the world, and I think stories are powerful and are meant to be shared. I have the privilege of working with some of the most artistic and imaginative people in the world from photographers, songwriters, choreographers, directors, musicians… They give me life.

WBM: How long have you been involved?

I’ve been doing PR about 15 years and have had my own company for 13 years.

WBM: What does a day in the life of yours look like?

SASHA: Every day is unique. It could be everything from just coordinating interviews and selling stories to the media or dealing with a client hyper ventilating at a photo shoot because they wanted vintage clothes and the stylist brought retro (I still don’t know the difference.) I spend a lot of my time either organizing or placating an array of folks in this business.

WBM: How important are relationships and credibility in what you do?

SASHA: Relationships are your entire essence as a publicist. Your connections with editors, journalists, talent bookers and producers are what will garner your clientele placement. Without them you would simply be a secretary. Credibility, honesty and reliability are also integral to my job – we acquire 80-90% of our clientele word of mouth so maintaining a reputation is important, while the aforementioned are the key adjectives that companies are seeking out in a PR firm.

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