Strengthened both by his faith and rigorous training to get his body in immaculate shape, fitness enthusiast and soon fitness competitor, Orestis Papapetrou is quite the role model. And much like those before him, Orestis is a hero is in his own right. Focused not only to make a difference for his family but also those abroad, the fitness lifestyle is one that will allow him to do just that.

Allow Orestis to invite you into his world. It is one that provides many with hope as well as it does inspire.

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WBM: In few words, who is Orestis Papapetrou?

ORESTIS: Orestis Papapetrou is someone who wants to be remembered in life for something good he has done. He is a believer. ‘Don’t ‘is not in his dictionary, a man with a positive attitude, with the power to struggle and make better, for him and for his family. A strong personality with the willingness to help people do the right thing. Orestis Papapetrou is a person with a strict work ethic so that he can do anything.

WBM: Where are you from?

ORESTIS: I born in Nicosia, Cyprus but now I live in Brighton, UK because of my MSc course on Internet and Distributed Systems.

WBM: How long have you been involved in maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy living?

ORESTIS: Since I was born, I always had that mental attitude not to do something bad to myself that I will feel bad about. Firstly it will affect my personality and then the people around me. I was taking care of my body and my healthy living. I started lifting at the age of 17 as I was a skinny teenager. I remember I register at my local gym to get a better physique and keep up a better lifestyle. Later on, I enroll at a local MMA sports center to enhance my mental strength, my physique as well as my flexibility. After nine years of hard work, dedication and dieting, a wealth of knowledge acquired, with the last 2 years training seriously, we arrive to where I am now. To be honest I feel the best things yet to come.

When did you know that this was something that you wanted to pursue?

ORESTIS: I always admire being fit and I was training for nine years now but seriously almost for the last 2 years. I remember I wake up one day and saying ‘Look, you like staying fit and healthy, get a reward from it and you have to do something that you haven’t done before’. That decision changed my life. The same day I saw my life from different point of view. I started reading magazines, articles, educating myself and keeping track of my progress at the gym. From that moment I never stopped. The results started coming within the next 3 months and I was surprised. Therefore, as the accomplishments came along I have created my Facebook page to share the love of being healthy and educate others. That’s where the real results come out, with the hard work and bit of God’s help. Is just a ‘must’ for me.

What type of opportunity has this way of life provided for you and your family?

ORESTIS: I got lots of opportunities, the confidence and the passion I give every day for me while sharing the passion and motivate others, God rewards me appropriately as many doors opened in my life. In general, this lifestyle brought me to work with many photographers for various photo shoots, fashion shows and hopefully, it will bring me to a supplement company, for future cover magazines, TV shows and more. For my family in one sentence, I am the kind of person that my future kids want to be.

What does a day in the life of Orestis Papapetrou look like?

ORESTIS: I am not like others. I give up my sleep for a better future. Is not the alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning, but my passion. I wake up in the middle of the night to eat my breakfast, prepare my meals and then study. I hit the gym in the morning and then I am still studying, go to the University, reading online magazines, searching for photo-shoots, collaborating with photographers to expand my career. I have a busy living that keeps me motivated and drives me into success. I always plan my day on the night before to not fail. That’s the kind of life I have for the last 2 years.

What’s the best thing about being a fitness enthusiast?

ORESTIS: Being fitness enthusiastist change my whole life, my attitude, eliminates my fears, I found my true calling of life. Personally, I feel alive I found my passion and passion moves people, creates people. The effort you put, the struggles you face, that pain line you have to pass through to reach your goals, created a more peaceful person and the more peaceful you are, the others around you will be peaceful too. You have energy, you feel alive. Being enthusiastic for what you are doing drives you to motivate others too.

Word has it that you are preparing for a fitness competition, how has training been?

ORESTIS: Yes, indeed, I am preparing for my first fitness competition in London, Miami Pro World Championships on 7/4/2013. About my training, what works best for me is when I feel that bumped, not to heavy weight. Currently, I am on a high protein phase so my training changed. I train 7 days a week at 7am, that’s the time I feel more convenient and flexible with, due to my MSc studies. I train for an hour one body part a day, in a high intensity with 10 minutes abdominals exercises at the end of each session. I don’t like to rest, I don’t rest. When I have a cardio session, I run in the morning and I lift weights at night. Back in normal days, I change my training every week. I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again. I can honestly say the whole process, my consistency, sacrifice and my dedication it’s all worth it and I believe I will get what I want. Winning isn’t everything for me, but the train to win, that’s everything.

When not training, what does some you’re down time consist of?

ORESTIS: For me I train every day, 1-2 hours a day, and when you eat right you don’t afraid for over training. Some used to say you cannot train too much and all this stuff but that’s a pure laziness for me. You are either under eating or under sleeping. There will be sometimes that my body will speak and say ‘I need rest’ that’s the only reason I will rest, and it doesn’t happen so often. Although, I have time for friends and I don’t forget to enjoy the other good things that life can offer us.

We‘re in the early part of 2013, do you have any plans?

ORESTIS: I have huge dreams but I used to not speak for them, as I don’t like to speak for the future, is unpredictable. If I have to talk about an achievement I need to keep the accomplishment all together. Everything is in my head and when my dreams become a reality you will see it. One thing to say, I will strive to make the fitness model physique become the standard for a human body, both men and women. Is time for a change.

How else would you like to impact this planet with your efforts?

ORESTIS: I would like to make more videos, motivate and inspire others to do the same, to change their life, their mental attitude for the betterment. I cannot change people, but I can make them follow through my sayings. I am already giving my advice during my training session in the gym when I see mistakes. My mission as I have said at the beginning is to be remembered for something good I have done, to teach people how to do the right thing. There is lack of motivation around and effort. We need a stronger world. I want people when they look at me to say ‘This guy made the world a better place’.

Any insight for those in pursuit of their goals and dreams?

ORESTIS: My advice to all of you out there is, you should start living this life, eating healthy, and train hard. Really you don’t know what you are missing. That pain your feel in the gym is a way of transformation not only physically, but mentally too. I can’t describe it, you have to go there and try it. Get rid of your excuses and stop praying for an easily life. When bad days knock your door and you are saying ‘Why me? ’It would be better to say ‘Try me’. Leave your fears behind. From my experience don’t let anyone tells that you can’t do anything. Listen to your heart. Believe in yourself, find what you want and go after it, but mean it. Stay motivated, dedicated, head strong and you will succeed. Your life is always upon you. You are the writer of your own book.

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