While it may have been a little while since we’ve given the world reasons Why Blue Matters, a debut isn’t quite a debut unless it’s something fresh from Kane Mayfield. Ladies and gents, the master of modern nostalgia is back!!! Well…he never really left, and just in case you forgot what makes Kane Mayfield such a remarkable artist, he reminds listeners with ease why he’s one of the best to ever do this rap ish.

Providing a soundtrack for what vibes much like a joint fitting for a “Shaft” or “Dolemite” flick, Mayfield rhymes with finesse and prowess on “One For Pepperjack”. Now if it’s any consolation, although this tune doesn’t come with a big body Caddy or Pontiac, you definitely feel like you’re in one.

“One For Pepperjack” is best played loud and on repeat. Mayfield gives the summer what it has been missing and we’re only three days in.

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