If you could get a new set of headphones and save the world at the same time, would you do it? HeadCase Sound, whose headphones have microfiber ear cushions for extra coziness during long time use along with 50 mm speakers built into them just like Dr. Dre’s Beats or Bose Audio, offers you more than just sound with their headphones.

Not only do you get to choose between five cool colors, you also get to choose which charity you’d like to donate to. Each of the colors are connected to a charity that you get to help just by buying a pair.

The white headphones are linked to an organization called The Adventure Project, which helps build irrigation systems in countries like Kenya.

There are many countries in Africa without irrigation, and for every 40 pairs of white headphones that are bought, one water pump will be sponsored so that farmers can successfully water their crops. Without water pumps, farmers spend hours every day bending over their crops to pour water out of heavy buckets.

It’s extremely time consuming and it makes it impossible to grow more crops when you can only irrigate a small piece of land. With water pumps, farmers can water two acres of land each day to provide for their community and families. A farmer with a pump can employ sales reps, other farmers and local help. They can also afford to send one child in their family to school and even make enough money to move their family from poverty to middle class.


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