Fashion never looked so good. And thanks to the brilliant minds of J.R. Alexander, Justin Kestler & Julian Tamin from Toronto, Canada, men’s fashion by leaps and bounds couldn’t be in a more amazing place. Long gone are the days of bulging, bulky pockets. Thanks to the stylish design that J.R., Justin and Julian have created, their start-up LD West has given men all new reason to look good, feel great and be comfortable all while maintaining their cool.

Everything is much better in the west.

Another great reason Why Blue Matters.

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WBM: Was being responsible for improving fashion something you envisioned LD West doing?

LD West: As a team, we think it’s important to push culture forward. We saw an opportunity here to create an accessory that blends function and style together seamlessly. We cannot say our sole purpose was to create fashion for fashion’s sake, as we believe the fashion aspect of LD West is a by-product of its function and usability. No doubt we are blessed that so many people love their LD West holster for the aesthetics as much as the use they get out of it in their daily lives.

WBM: What inspired the creation of the stylish holster that exists?

LD West: Our inspiration came out of a problem – specifically the age old problem of having bulging pockets due to a wallet and phone. With that in mind, we set out to create a solution in an accessory that offered comfort, sleekness, style and function. It just so happened that the item we felt best represented these requirements was what is now the called LD West holster.

WBM: Is there any significance behind the name of your brand?

LD West: To each member of the team, the name LD West offers a different significance. To me personally (J.R.), it means “a Life Down West” as I hope to someday live on the west coast. Haha.

WBM: Where is your company based out of?

LD West: Currently LD West operates out of Toronto. However, we distribute our product globally, and have a patent on the design.

WBM: Think back to the first sale LD West had. How great a feeling was that?

LD West: The first sale was a special one – it validated our creation and proved that the concept and execution worked on a level where a complete stranger could get behind the movement and be excited about their purchase. We can only hope that everyone has a similar experience with their LD West holster.

WBM: So what’s next for LD West?

LD West: Our team is currently looking into getting the word out on a larger scale – thru blogs, in-store and online distribution deals and social media events. We are also introducing a couple of new colorways in the future and some (yet to be disclosed) new developments in the LD West product line that we are very excited about.

WBM: Why is what LD West contributes to fashion so important?

LD West: We believe that the greatest contributions to fashion have all in some way been able to address a need for something missing at the time of its emergence. Denim jeans and high top sneakers for example are items that symbolize a movement at the time, which also transcended beyond their original purpose and have been appropriated decades since. This is not to say that the LD West holster puts itself on that kind of level, but the spirit of those innovations are definitely embodied in our work. Jeans and high top sneakers are here to stay. We hope LD West holsters stand the test of time as well.

WBM: Let’s say you have 5 holsters left in stock. Who would you make sure they got to and why?

LD West:
Pharrell: He’s a fashion and cultural icon who we feel would genuinely embrace our product.

Mark Ecko: His spirit, influence and affluence reflect values that the LD West team admires.

Rihanna: She would definitely be an amazing representation of how effortlessly and sexy an LD West holster can be pulled off on a woman.

P. Diddy: He’s a serial entrepreneur, business mogul and cultural icon on so many levels. He would wear the LD WEST Holster with style and he has the potential to help us take the brand up to the next level literally overnight, with his huge network and the financial backing that he possesses. He could be a potential VC for LD WEST ! He would see and understand the limitless potential of the product and brand.

50 cent: Similar to P.Diddy, 50 cent as an entrepreneur and business mogul, could creatively market the brand through his huge network, potentially back us as a VC in some way and wear the LD WEST Holster with such style, that he alone could create a trend that would evolve into a way of life and become the quintessential accessory for every man.
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